5-on-5 battle mode

I think it could be very interesting to have a 5-on-5 game mode, maybe as a mini game.


I think that is a great idea and it would not be that difficult to develop (imho).

I think that would make for a screen with the troops and their numbers impossible to see…

Another variant that might be interesting is to line up 8 troops, with the fifth replacing the first one that dies, then the next comes in when another dies, and so on… so you have substitutes…

Not possible, close topic.

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Look out famine, let’s just fix what we have 1st.

Well, it actually is possible if troops in this mode were located on the upper side (our troops) and bottom side (enemy troops) of the checkboard, this side of the screen is longer so more space for 5 troops. If the puzzle won’t fit as a square in this arrangement, it could be reorganised as a rectangle. And I think this solution is even more interesting, because this game mode would be really different from what we have currently.

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