Give Us the Ability to Reorder Our Troops

As the title says, let us have the ability to re-order our troops… Not a trait or part of a spell, just something that is part of regular gameplay. That would make things too easy, right? Here’s what I propose:

We can move one troop up or down a slot, but it takes up our turn to do so. That way we retain the strategy inherent in the game, and even creates a new kind of strategic thinking!


I like it. A new strategic layer and would make a lot of new interesting teams possible.

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Hm, interesting thought. Would make a couple of delve fights far less frustrating.
I’m not sure, if this would lead too far in attackers advantage. Being able to swap away an entangled, frozen or otherwise compromised troop gives the human side yet another bit of edge.


Pretty interesting idea, but I can already see those invulnerable Zuuls and Diamantinas at the horizon coz devs are not able to swap the traits properly :rofl:


Sorry for doubleposting, but I just noticed a strong argument against it:

You are effectively introducing a “skip turn” command this way. That means, there is no more zugzwang.
I already misused this in the old Puzzle Quest like crazy by doing impossible turns and taking the 5 life penalty, instead of doing something bad. I don’t think, that should be possible in this game.


This sounds like an interesting idea in concept, but at first glance I don’t see many useful applications (outside the obvious “fixing your delve formation after Cedric/etc. shuffled it”). Currently we only have one Troop that can re-order your own team manually: Skrymir the Lofty.

There are troops with that mechanic for def and offense, but as part of the gameplay I’d say no. The defense is not capable of doing such a move correctly and if it were part of the gameplay, I wouldn’t want my defense to mess itself up and take up a turn just to do so if that is not my intention for the defense I set up. Maybe more troops with that mechanic might be in line but for a regular move outside of a troop doing so, no thanks.

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The very idea of these devs messing with reshuffling the troops gives me the jeebies.

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An interesting idea, but there are times in the game where either you or the opponent are in a situation where you have to take the only move available, even though you know that it’s going to give your opponent a skull match or a 4 match that will let them cast a spell that will hurt you or make you lose the game.

If I can simply skip my turn, it takes that element of the game away (even though I hate being in that situation!)