8vs8 for a mini game

As the title really…
This will be so unbalanced, but if the rewards are inferior to other mini games/ invasions etc it doesn’t matter.
It would be soo much fun lol.

I think our artist might die at the thought of the interface work involved, but I’ll pass it along :slight_smile:

I also thought it would be nice, like maybe a 6-troops arena with the hero, a common, a rara, an ultra-rare, an epic and a legendary. It might be really unbalanced but it could be fun. :smile:

It doesnt have to look pretty. It would be a helluva lot of fun though, titles of honour for the top 10 players etc

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This a good thread to resurect.
Maybe a game mode where we fight with 1 troop of each rarity + a hero? (Like someone suggest above)

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Wouldn’t need to change the interface. Make it so you start with 4 of the 6 troops. When one dies troop #5 comes in. When another dies #6 comes in.

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Although, considering the latent issues we have with summoned troops inheriting dead troops’ traits, that could get ugly fast heh.

Maybe we could have a mode to use a sequence of teams with no duplicates against each oponent:

My Teams----------------------------VS-------------------------Your Teams

Team 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------Team 1

Team 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------Team 2

Team 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------Team 3

Maybe it could even randomize the teams or just put then in sequence like above, the thing is that each match would be separeted this way it could avoid the problems with summoning/tranforming troops.

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This does sound like it would be a lot of fun… think of the new strategies that would arise from this setup