If we had 5 troops instead of 4, this break the game?

What are the pros and cons?


You’d have to rebalance EVERY Troop at the very least.

The amount of programming needed to fully implent this would be astronomical. They would be better off making a whole new game.

EDIT: I have to say though, this would be fun! So it’s not a BAD idea, just not REALISTIC.


I think it could work really well for a new mode. Seems perfect for a survival mode, or something else.

I think the most obvious problem is that the game is designed around an expectation of getting a certain amount of resources per minute or hour and having more troops would slow this rate down making it more grindy.

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AE troops would instantly gain in power, as would any spell that is boosted by the total of a teams health/armor etc

You could always have the fifth troop hiding in reserve, it doesn’t appear until one of the first four dies. Add a little mystery to the opponent’s lineup.


And while were at it mana ballz that move diagonally :slight_smile:

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I would like to have a deck with five troops, limited to only one repeated troop .

I have many times wanted to use 5 troops just for the soul purpose of making a team synergy that works only when 5 troops are together.

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