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5.6 Patch Notes (Gnome-a-Palooza)

This is planned. They had beta testers who enjoyed it so much. This gnome event is 4 days and started on THURSDAY. It means they have time to adjust the gnome rate. So just be thankful for that 1 day which was not scheduled so only a few players can take advantage of it.

Just curious is the gnomeapalooza event actually 4 days?? The in-game event clock says it only has 1 day and 14hrs left which essentially means it will be done Saturday night. Just wondering if there is an error or if I am reading something wrong… :thinking:

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If you’re going to fix the gnome appearances within a day, you should have the skull bugs fixed just as fast. I’m playing the world event right now, whittling down 400 durability troops just for a level 200 something webspinner to spawn and get two instant kills because, yes, its literally getting the 3x 100 something skull damage on the top two troops immediately. Maybe test your junk before you spew it out in our faces.

You’re probably reading wrong.
There is the flash offer timer next to your hero portrait saying 1 day 14 hours (as of at the time of writing)
and then there is Treasure vault info under News tab where it says 2 days 14 hours.


Ahh that is exactly what it is!!! Thanks a bunch.

Are you talking to me?

If so, no, I’m saying they looked at the data and noticed that it was not what they expected - people farming hardcore and getting way more than they anticipated.

I wouldn’t know, though. Could have been planned to go this way from the start.

All I’m saying is that they didn’t need people on the forum to notice as they have all the data. They might even have started the event early so someone would be in te office to fix the rates just in case it went beyond what they wanted us to get.

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Has anyone got a new Gnome from the Vault? As a card from Cedric. I got only existing cards so far: Valraven, Cedric, Treasure Gnome, The Sun.

They get added to the drop table on Monday after the weekly reset. The band gnomes won’t show up until then.

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Of all the things to be doing on a vault weekend, vaults are not one of them, because there is no benefit to doing them on a vault weekend, and in fact take away time from actually farming gnomes in explore.

I can get being excited to open them, especially if you burn through them as soon as you get them. But agreed, it’s much better to farm now, use them at your leisure later.

@Saltypatra may we know who wrote the new gnome-a-palooza song or the story behind it ? I like it!


Did the regular gnome drop rate get changed? 150ish battles and 4 of the band gnomes dropping verses and 1 soul gnome. (no other gnomes seen) Doesn’t feel like a gnome weekend at all after yesterday.


shhhhh! the band gnomes are better overall.

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This is still an excellent event even after the nerf. Fantastic update to the game!


people complained because they want to get 1k vault keys like you, lol

and yes i agree, even after the nerf, the event is still great

and some distasteful people started to send salty hate mails again… ugh…

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I’m going to be hunting verses all day, in my situation I still need every resource it gives, that’s where I will be concentrating my energy!


I’m more pi$$ed about going through 17 Epic Vault Keys and not getting a Tarot Card :frowning:

Should an epic one have a higher tarot chance?
Otherwise 17 have the same, very low chance to get one.

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This wouldn’t be a bad idea, imo.

A Feature Request thread would probably be ignored, but one never knows for sure — worth a shot :man_shrugging:


I would have hoped so :frowning:

I have 120 regular Vault Keys at the moment and should be around 200 by the end of GaP, so maybe I’ll get one from that…