404GuildNotFound -> Top 60 Guild, Level 425 [ask for free spots]


we have a spot available before tomorrows new event!

contact @Arelana or @MrSnake

PS: start post edited with newest stats^^


One spot available, Contact @Arelana, @MrSnake or @Akashic


Please add me.

Invite code: YANNNANCY


Invite sent. Welcome to the 404 crew!

We still have one open slot - who wants in?


Great guild, good group of people.


One open spot available. Contact @Arelana or @Akashic



Still have one spot open, Contact @Arelana or @Akashic


Great group of people and I promise @Akashic isn’t that scary :smile:


One open spot available, Contact @Akashic or @Arelana if interested.



Our name is 404 and we’re level 404…it’s the perfect time to join the team :grin:


Greetings MrSnake,

your announcement sounds nice and i would be interested to join your guild.
I am a newer but upcoming an very encouraged player.

I am lvl 57 atm, have 1 lvl 10 kingdom atm but try to rise fast as fast as RL will let me…
I can offer you 150 Trophies/week, also ~150k Gold per week and 1500 seals/week.

Would be nice to hear from you!
PS: Invite Code = K0NG0B0NG0.

Thanks man!


Hello Arelana,

I am interested to join your guild.

Although for now I don’t have all my kingdoms at lvl 10, I am sure I can meet your requirements for gold. For seals and trophies I don’t even have to worry :slight_smile: I reach 1500 seals and like 150 trophies weekly.

What can I say more about me… I consider myself as being funny and helpful :smiley:
Being lvl 66, I don’t hesitate to ask for guidance about my cards.

Hope we can become good friends and teammates :smiley:

PS: My invite code is ALEXM5

Thanks !


Can I join? I play a good amount and I have really good team comps. Your requirements are pretty good for my lifestyle.

IGN: CornTaker



Happy Reset Day everyone!

@k0ng0b0ng0 - the slot is yours if you’re willing to join our Discord server. We do 95% of our communications there, though we do try to cross-post important items to the in-game guild chat.

@alexm5 and @corntaker - If either of you are interested in joining the next time a spot opens up, we would love to have you. Like a lot of guilds, we tend to have openings on a somewhat regular basis as we replace folks who have to step away due to RL issues or are otherwise unable to keep pace with our minimums. We have public channels on our Discord server as well so you can chat with guildies prior to joining :slight_smile:


Ok, keep me updated if there is an opening :wink: thanks


@alexm5 - Looks like we will have another open spot, if you are still interested!


Yes, I have left my current guild. My invite is : ALEXM5

Thanks :slight_smile:


we are currently looking for new applicants!

Please join our Discrod Server (click me) and talk to Arelana, Akashic, Sweet-t310 or MrSnake if you are interested^^