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Lost your Guild

We had a terrible situation in our guild we are playing in for long time. Somehow someone stolen our GM account and just kick out all of us out. Now the guild is empty and open with no players in it. Please can u help us all to come back in it? Guild name is NarkomaniBLR. U can check we were playing in it for long time. Hoping to ur cooperation.

Name: Narkomani BLR
ID code: gbS0oxvpDZ
Gaming Platform: PC/Mobile

LeagueData Rank: 999,999
Trophies: 3,608,784
Level: 3,169

WeeklyGoldRequirement: 1,600,000
WeeklySealRequirement: 1,500
WeeklyTrophyRequirement: 300

TotalMembers: 0
MembersMax: 30

Guild Wars Rank: 16

Backdrop: K50

Do you think that after 6 years of playing,someone in their right mind will decide to delete the Guild?We played in the second basket, all experienced players are enough. I think there is a technical possibility to restore everything. Restore the heroes, so you can also restore the Guild. We are supported by a huge number of people, we are one of the oldest and strongest guilds.Please help us. In the attached video, one of the bloggers on your game, somewhere in the middle of the video will be addressed in English. Thanks!


Terrible situation ((
Hope, you’ll recover it asap!


Sorry to hear that, we (Pure Mayhem) were directly behind Narkomani on the leaderboard, and shocked to see it was no longer there this morning. This is not the way we wanted to rise a rank. I hope they can help you restore the guild and members.


@Kafka, @Saltypatra

Can you somehow investigate what happened and PM OP, what can be done (if anything) ?


It’s a shame that this happened. I hope there is an opportunity to bring the guild back.


I am sure, there should be the possibilty to recover the guild!
If you need to roll back the system and we replay the whole week for that, we’ll surely support you!


Please bring this guys back! We miss this old good guild!


Please, help us. Legendary guild should live.


You guys need to wait at least 8hrs or so…for any responce. It’s probably middle of the night in Australia and that’s where DEV team is from.

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We just faced your empty guild yesterday in GW. I am wondering if this person we faced is your guild member or a random player.

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“Старый” was guild leader. His account was stolen by leader of another guild. Robber kicked out all guild members and then left guild. Maybe, because of that you have all battles with last person in guild.


It’s a pity that it happened! Hopefully your guild will be restored. Anabios is with you!


This is terrible… something like this happened to me in another game several years ago, guild leader account got hacked and kicked all of the members, the main account seen throwing out the equipments, spent all his gold on potions and consumed it.

I really hope devs can help you guys, it’s actually not devs responsibility but it would be a very nice gesture if they decide to do it


Gotta agree with Pote here. Would be a cool thing for them to do. I’ve seen you guys in pvp so many times over the years!


Thanks. This makes sense now.
I hope this get sorted soon, you can return to your guild even his team wasn’t nice to face. Good luck.

I am very sorry for what happened to you. I guess you have opened a ticket. What did they answer you? In any case, the guild Utopia’s Brother is with you and i hope we will fight in bracket 1in the fucture!


Your best bet would be to submit a ticket about it IMO. It may take some time to get to because of back log, but it cant hurt to do it.

Sorry to see this happen, we were all wondering what happened when we seen you disappear from the leaderboards in the game.

As for timing here in Aus, its 11:30pm (at time of posting this comment) so min 9ish hours at least for staff to be in the office.

Hope everything gets sorted either way


Thank you for your feedback!IMO is the admin here?

IMO = In My Opinion

We sent the ticket at the beginning of the week, but we all received the same response from the bot that it is not possible to do this.

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