404GuildNotFound -> Top 60 Guild, Level 425 [ask for free spots]


After 2 weeks with the guild I am completely satisfied. A lot of active players, the inactive ones being purged regularly. Come join us and see for yourself.


Joined almost three weeks ago myself and am very happy with the group. People play in a variety of time zones so there are people around at a lot of times of the day. I really like the team-focused attitude and that inactive/non-communicative players are regularly removed.

Don’t be afraid to toss your name in the ring even if you’re newer. I joined at level 26 and I’m level 109 now and was first able to hit the 100,000 gold contribution this week, but I was able to hit max seals and 150-200+ trophies weekly since joining. Like Danko said - if you’re active, you might find a home with the 404 crew. :slight_smile:


Hello! You just posted in my thread; I’d love an invite. Invite code is XARI


I would like an invite too, My invite code is: CHAMBS_1


one spot available

requirements and more info read start post :wink:


Come join an awesome group of people :smiley:

We’re aiming to finish at least two colors’ tasks per week, so please keep the gold requirement in mind. Don’t worry if you’re low level, though - if you play regularly, you’ll get up to speed quickly. I didn’t hit it my first week but they were accepting and I hit it every week after that!


Hi there! I am interested in a spot in this guild, but I wanted to ask, how friendly are the members? I am working on transitioning from a casual player to a harder core one and am looking for a community that fits me better than my own guild does.


It’s a friendly group. We have people from various parts of the world and we use Discord to chat so there’s someone around most of the time.


if you want to join us, send me your InviteCode via PM @badgergamer


we want to replace one member - so feel free to give me a sign if you are interested in joining us :wink:

more details in the start post^^


Come one, come all…err, no. Just one. :grin:


currently searching for up to 3 new recruits^^


Looking for a guild. I’m very active. Always get > 1k seals and lots of trophies. Rank 1 every week. Do tend to donate as much as I can. I am still working on my kingdoms :’(

Always around for fun…

Oh yeah P.S. Invite code is: ISKANDAR


Please join our Discord Server if you have further questions:

404GuildNotFound Discord Server


@MrSnake please add @JAharon (invite code Elsa_37) to your waiting list. Thanks.


currently recruiting!!!

start post edited^^


Looking for a relaxed, easy-going group with no drama? Do you like BSing on Discord while you play? Can you manage our easy-to-hit requirements? Check us out :slight_smile:


Two new openings this week! We don’t care if you’re a new player or an established one - if you’d like to join a top-60 guild that has reasonable weekly requirements, check us out. :grin:


Spots open - Start Post updated!

Contact @Arelana or @MrSnake


Still have one opening! Come join an awesome, friendly group :grin: