404GuildNotFound -> Top 60 Guild, Level 425 [ask for free spots]

404GuildNotFound is looking for Members!!!

We want to act as a “Community” to achieve weekly goals that are discussed and decided our Discord Server.

  1. Real-Life comes first
  2. Play as long you have fun - no grinding needed for our guild!
  3. Our requirements are goals to aim at, you dont get kicked immediatly if you have a bad week^^

What we have to offer: (last update 17th Apr 2017)

  • Guild Level 425, Grandmaster I League (+300% Daily Gold Bonus)
  • +6% Tribute Chance Bonus ( Red Guardian )
  • +50% XP Bonus ( Blue Guardian )
  • +5 Map Turns Bonus ( Green Guardian )
  • +8% Tribute Amount Bonus ( Yellow Guardian )
  • +50% Souls Bonus ( Purple Guardian )
  • +1 Glory Bonus ( Brown Guardian )
  • Guild decisions via Discord - everyone has a voice

Join our Discord Server -> 404GuildNotFound Discord Server


  • Aim at minimum 200k Gold, 650+ Seals, 100+ Trophies per week
  • Max. Level Kingdoms would be perfect^^
  • Communication on Guild-Discord Server
  • Hero Level 100+

For the common good! Join a guild where we all contribute.

PM me if you want to join^^
Greets, MrSnake


PC/Mobile? Please move it to the correct guild recruitment section.

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Yeah, THX @Kharybdys

I dont know where my head was when i posted this^^

Currently 8 spots available…

Not applying, just wanted to give you props for the cool guild name.

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hi, i’m not lvl100 but 100K gold and 650 Seals is not a problem for me … i wait your answer :wink:

its ok, send me your invite code and you will get an invite today - dont forget to leave your current guild if you have one…

AZERTY 3, and the guild task is done ?

Invite is out

currently 6 spots available
guild merge is also possible :wink:

Hi there, I’m really active and would love to join if there are still spots, code is BIGRUNNER9 :slight_smile:

i get the message that you are in another guild… so i can invite you

Hi, level 190 VIP 3 player is reporting for duty. I can easy fullfil your requirements. Invite me with my Code: BILBO46.

I am looking forward to the invitation.



An invite has been sent

Hey, MrSnake. It’s Danko, from the other thread.

Let’s do this, I’m in, if you’re still interested in having me!

Please invite me @ Danko 6 (Danko_6)

Invite has been sent Danko

2 spots available…

Hey MrSnake

I am an active player and can meet the weekly requirements. Let me know if the spots are still open.

Invite Code: Amandae 2 - I just left my guild, they weren’t very active and after just a few weeks, I had climbed up to be one of the most active players in seals/trophies.

updated startpost…

currently 2 spots available for new recruits^^

Been a part of the guild for a few weeks now, very friendly atmosphere and more importantly lots and lots of tasks completed each week!
The current requirements for members are both casual-friendly and at the same time are sufficient for our guild to be Top100-competitive.

So it’s a great time to sign up!
We’re always looking for more active people, so don’t hesitate and join up now while there’s a few open spaces :slight_smile: - if you meet the super-easy requirements, that is. We’ll even be open to help you with your PvP team composition and some gold farming tricks over Discord.

That said, if you’re joining, please be consistent - we kick inactive people each week to ensure our guild remains a rising Top 100-star and that each member gets the weekly rewards they deserve :wink:

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