[closed] Lvl 1080 active daily player looking for a top-50 guild

Greetings, traveller!
Stay awhile and listen =>

Level 1080 active daily player looking for top-50 competitive guild (highest stages in every weekly\daily event)

How can I be useful and what can I provide for guild (besides my unique person) =>

Gold - 500-700k (probably can do more if necessary)
Seals - 1500
Trophies - 250-300

Participating in daily events;
GW - no mercy to enemies at all, upgrading sentinels;
Tower of Doom - 25 and higher;
Invasion - 144;
Raid - doing damage, slapping bosses, nothing special;

F2P player (so no VIP-status/extra diamonds)
All kingdoms levels are maxed out, ~70% of kingdoms are 5+ power level

Feel free to ask questions, if you want more details, don’t be shy :wink:

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Maybe you want to take a look at this topic for a guild that suits you?


Intrim is always recruiting. Please come to see us on our Discord https://discord.gg/dueC96X

We’ll talk together

Thanks for responses!