4.3 Honor System

it would be nice to have a system that proposes teams that share no more than two troops with the one just faced

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I still regret to have spend so much money in this game when a game can be visually disimproved in a way that I can’t stand it much anymore. It made me promise to myself to never spend a penny in a f2p game again.

When I see my old videos, with the old UI, I can’t deny that the somehow medieval look and style fit this fantasy game much better than this stylish modern black and blue it has now. I still think the UI is butt ugly because it doesn’t fit together with the rest.
When I was a teen (like 20 years ago) I did banners for browser games… ‘cool’ banners, with Photoshop and such, those were stylish black (primary color) and blue (secondary color) xD It’s old teenie wannabe cool style to me now.