How is this possible? (The 2nd since this title has already been used.)

Maybe using an old build of the game? (Which shouldn’t be possible)
Their profile is missing the “honor portion” and they were just active in chat.

Is it because they were stripped of Honour due to a chat ban?

I’ve seen it before too. Maybe just a visual bug like the many others in GoW though lol.

Don’t think so, it should say dishonorable if that was the case. I’ve noticed honor be removed from players but never saw what appears to be the old profile layout.

It is possible to use the old version on mobile - just don’t update the app. You’re not forced to update if you play only on a mobile.
You will only be forced to update if you will log in with the higher version of GoW on another device or PC (and Steam will automatically update to the latest version).

At least that worked that way several months ago. But looks like nothing is changed.

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Usually by now the devs push out a force update even for mobile. But yeah maybe they didn’t this time.