4.3 Honor System

Those who have been on the forums for at least 3 months…

Has it ever mattered to you what a “Regular” wrote compared to a “Basic”?
Does a “B” in a profile give that player anymore credibility than those who just have a normal picture?
(For those with Recruiting abilities.) Ever invited a Guild Hopper into your guild and wish there was a way to be warned before you learned the hard way?

I know it’s basic instinct to fear change. And for that fear to somehow migrate into a disdain for new things. I was around for when the world freaked out over the “New UI”. By now, I’m sure many of you have completely forgotten the old look of GoW. And when an image of the old UI pops up. You quickly look at it like your fashion choices as a kid. I feel like the new Honor System will eventually be the same thing.

My overall point is. If 4.3 ever does release… Yes none of the changes will be ground breaking. But every single one* of those changes will be an upgrade to the present game.

TL:DR… In other words, 4.3:

*I realize 4.3 comes with a nerf to Spoils of War. As someone who never used that feature before. The change doesn’t effect me. But I completely understand if others regard it as a bad thing.


… We… I… I agree with you AW…



You’ve been Americanized. :grinning:



Well said! Worry not, not long after 4.3 has been released, another “boogeyman” will manifest to distract the perpetual doomsayers and give them a new target to spew their vitriol upon.

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I am eagerly awaiting that target, I miss spewing my vitriol all over the place. I kind of feel incomplete unless I am making some post about how the Devs have no idea what they are doing…:slight_smile:

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I still would pay for a revert button to the old look of the game xD,


Talking about honor, anyone think it will be the new incentive to recruit?

GOT need 2 guys, we will all give you 2 honor when you join us!!!

Any guild could do that.
So if the player them self is… ignorant? (Let’s say)… Enough to join for that reason then so be it. 🤷

People are going to use all sorts of dumb reasons to give or take honor…
None of it will matter. Lol

Never will I say…ohhhhh look at that “Revered” title. They must be an amazing GoW player.

If every guild do this it will be funny to see people join, collect honor then hop in another guild, rince and repeat :slight_smile:

Not to touch a sensitive button.
But any time I stumble upon a redeem code. I redeem it for members who have gone above and beyond that week. I imagine I’ll “award” honor to members in a similar fashion. I’ll encourage my guild managers to the same. @Macaudora, @Davanor, @Reil_Wen and @Jazzy.

I am 98% sure, if a player is only joining a guild to get “free” honor. My guilds are better off without them as a member.

There’s a fair way to give out Dishonor as well. But it’s probably best left to private discussions. :upside_down_face:


I think i will give honor in exchange of microsoft card.

People are already willing to pay overprice gems so why not for honor? Lol

If it went on sale, would it be dishonor?

Doing things like that solely for Honor would make make that player a GoW-hore. :smile:


Honor is just one more reason to stay out of silly main chat lol

If you’re on any leaderboard, people can vote on you, if they see you in ranked PvP, they can vote on you, and if they have your invite code, and the ability to send an invite in their guild, they can vote on you.

There will be no shelter, when Honor is released on us all.
May you all be swiped right on, and not swiped left. :pray:

So what you’re saying, is we’re honor-bound?

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Insert Honor, Lust, Envy and Courage pun like jokes.
I’m too tired to bring it tonight. Lol

I actually would prefer, if I could remove honor from a player. Those who use meta-teams should in some way be punished (and send to hell :wink: )

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The meta every day, every week, every month?
Say it’s guild wars week. And I set a meta defense to practice GW against. Will I receive a down vote?
If everyone starts 4 fire Bombs on defense in fear of getting down votes. Won’t PvP become too easy to farm?
I am all for player ratings in a game. But outside of trying to protect fellow players from trolls. I hope no one actually takes these ranks seriously.

Otherwise, I’m going to put one troop on defense and let the CPU decide which team will be my defense. :yum:

The problem isn’t the meta but the selection you’ll get in PvP. If I get the same or almost the same team 5 times in a row from different players and then get one of the players even in my PvP-selection again I’m simply bored and annoyed… I don’t want 4x Fire bomb that would be boring as hell too but a bit more diversity would be nice.