4.3 Blank chat woes

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected to be able to see my guild’s chat if I chose to connect to it. Instead, I can only see my guild’s chat 10% of the time. The vast majority of the time I get a blank field. Sometimes I get an error saying I could not connect to chat servers.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
In my experience, do darn near anything in-game, then try to read my guild’s chat. Disconnect from guild chat, reconnect, same outcome. Restart the game, same outcome.

Edit: as pointed out by Rockwell below, restarting the game does resolve the issue.

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Edit: assuming someone on the dev team takes a look at this, I would like to add a feature request. Don’t force me to connect to global chat as a prerequisite for checking my guild’s chat. I don’t care about Global, so I have it disabled—the option to do this was a wonderful feature in 4.3! However, requiring me to connect to Global in order to see my Guild’s chat undermines this improvement just a bit.

If I click “No”, I get dumped back to the map screen. I have to click “Yes” to even attempt to see what my guildies have to say.

I have this issue on my Android phone.

It seems that it’s because I leave the game running in the background, so when I go back in, the chat isn’t cached, but it doesn’t refresh.

The only way to get it to reappear is to quit out of the game entirely and restart, then it appears ok.

It would be nice to have a “refresh chat” feature to save the time of having to exit and reload.

I am changing this thread category from “Support” to “Bug Reports”. Also pushing this back to the top of the forums so it gets more traction/visibility. (And yes, I have deleted and reinstalled my game since 4.3 came out.)


We have a fix going out in 4.3.5 which should hopefully improve Guild chat.

Please let us know if you continue experiencing issues after 4.3.5

Sorry about that!

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