3 Stupid questions


Do not know if this is posted in the right area, but here goes:

  1. What are the Badges for? Does it include rewards?

  2. In my Guild, on top of my profile there is a red mana with a “4” in it. What does that mean?

  3. When GoW comes to the consoles, will it also be free-to-play? Any idea when this might happen. Because of GoW, my PS4 is just collecting dust. It now “growls” at me when I play on my PC.

Thank you in advance.

  1. That is the color and mana cost of the weapon currently tied to your character.
    A bug is preventing it from showing the correct weapon, but it will be fixed in 1.07.


1/ The badges on the forum are just for fun I think, they show how active you are.
2/ It’s supposed to be the weapon you’re using, but it’s not. It usually shows a random weapon the game found pretty for you. It’s a small bug which really doesn’t matter anyway. Although some people seem really hung up about this for some reason.
3/ Yes but the devs have explained somewhere else that you might not be able to link the account with the console though.


Ahh, thanx :blush: