3 days or 2 hours?

In the Guild Roster list sorted by Last Activity, one of the players in my guild is said to be active 2 hours ago. But in the player’s profile windows it says that he was last seen 3 days ago.
How is this possible?

Guild Roster list sorted by Last Activity:

Player’s Profile window:

It has happened on Android App.

Last seen is the last time that player engaged in a PvP battle. PvE and minigames are not factored into that timer.

That is incorrect. Only maps do not reset timer. Pve does and arena does.

@captain_video @ZeZign Thanks a lot for your replies.
That explains even the 15 seals, probably from the daily login.

It’s a bit strange reading “Last seen 3 days ago” when there is a login done today, but if that is how it works… :slight_smile:

I guess the reason behind this strange behaviour, is the “in Pan’s Vale” part of the “Last seen” sentence.
Pve and Arena have a specific region; perhaps the Maps minigame doesn’t have it.