Wrong timestamp in the character window

Maybe I’m not the first, but here the screenshots:

How here could be a weekly result if player was away for 10 days?

Or for example here:

When you say the player was last time?

Don’t you think its a little weird?
For example as a guild master how should I watch out for activity of players and when they were last time?

I am fairly certain the “last seen in” text relates only to PvP invades. If that player logged in and didn’t PvP, it wouldn’t update the place or time of “last seen.”

@Lyya ok…
And the second screen?
By the way I’m absolutly sure I’ve seen negative timestampts that was more then 1 minute (unfortunatly I don’t have screenshots)

And if you said that text relates only to PvP invades… hmm… how should I watch out for activity of my guild members?

Can’t explain the second screenshot, sorry. And I don’t manage a guild, so the burden of tracking members’ activity is happily not on my shoulders. You’d need a response from a guild leader, someone much more disciplined and dedicated :frowning:

I myself give an answer: Roster - Activity. Seems it sort not on last PVP, but on actual login time. But unfortunatly - that time is not shown anywhere. So again - I can only guess when the player was logged last time.

But this doesn’t explain screenshot.

I have not actually tried it, but I believe the reason for the timestamp inconsistency there is a difference between your computer clock and the official time that the game uses. Wonder if changing you computer clock would result in more extreme screenshots.

The “Last Seen” refers to a time when the player last played a battle (could be any battle or mini game, doesn’t need to be pvp).

We do have players who decided to take a break from the game, but still log in to get their rewards and then donate to their guilds.


I stand corrected. Thanks, Nim.

@Lyya, @Nimhain ty for explanation “last seen”.