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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


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:clock1: Last updated August 28th 11 :30 am AEST :clock1:

PLEASE NOTE - When reporting any bugs:

What platform you are playing on?
When did the issue begin occuring and how frequent is it?
A screenshot?
Any other information (enemy troops, traits active, what you were doing previously)

New issues are added to the bottom going forward

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3.5 Patch Notes
3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)
Merlantis kingdom level issue
Troop blocking board
AI moving twice at the same time (Fixed)
Whitehelm Power 7 Triple Tribute Not Working
Lost gems when using event key
I can't see the gems
Bandits steal small gold
5-star kingdom only has +1 skill bonus, but 6-star kingdom has +2
My team (no negative status effects) not getting extra turns on four matches
Unable to purchase daily dungeon 50 gem diamond pack today
Bug report / PVP completion not ending battle
Hero traits not working on defense
List PETS with filter UPGRADEABLE and you get a sexy blue screen
Playing as warlord
Splash damage of +9 Earth Fury crash games
Incorrect guild wars total score causing us to drop a bracket
Agave gets stuck on opposing Bounty team
Saguaro trait “Spiky” do3snt work
Bronzelock freezes game
Open Invasion rewards level 1-10 nothing showed up like no Vault key. Android 6.0.1 Anishinabe Guild Hero level 1114
What has happened to customer support?
Kingdom bonus not activated
Bonus livello regno non assegnato
Diviner Transcend Spell bug
Whitehelm troops not being identified by Daily
Missing Rewards for Tier Purchase
Kingdoms not giving kingdom bonuses for power levels (PS4)
Bug on Kingdom Skill Bonus (Divinion Fields)
PVP battle fails to load completely
Bonus livello regno non assegnato
Changes to reporting bugs in Gems of War
UI not shown on Huawei Nova (Resolved itself)
Did not receive Faction weapon (Fixed)
Hero with assasinate on 2nd place kills my last troop with skulls (Not a bug)
(Not a Bug) The Stealthy talent of Thief does not take effect
No response from the interface when declining "Bonus souls" event battle
Error while loading
PC issues - I can't even play today!
Reporting problem
Unable to play since update
Double purchases (iPad)
4/5 matches with no extra turn fighting raid boss - (Not a bug)
Connection to Server Timed Out (Not a bug)
4 or 5 gem matches NOT giving extra turn in Guild Battles
Valuable trait not working
Corvo mancante e chiusura gioco
Cant play, have to re-install
Game crashes with upgraded Bronzelock Pistol (Fixed in 4.0)
Missing Stat Bonus for Sin of Maraj
Orbweaver + Deathknight Hero Class Changes
Deathspire weapon miscalculation


Might be a bug, on the bottom it says it is a Sword. It might be it should have been a Staff?


I think that’s right. Don’t you need a broken hilt and a shattered blade to craft it?

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It does not look like a Sword to me, but maybe it is meant to be a Sword.

Nope, Dawnbringer is meant to be a Sword! It’s like a really long Sword with funny pointy bits! (I’m serious)


Thank you for the clarification! :slight_smile:

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I get this message no matter what i do 20180620023336_1 It tells me the a problem occured and to restart the game

What is your platform? Have you restarted the game?

Is Anicent Golem a new troop that is on its way, or should it be Ancient Horror?
(Priest Class)

Ancient Golem is a troop, and the name of the talent is “Golem Protector”, so I think it’s right?

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I play on pc and yes i already restarted it many times.It looks like it happens when the game tries to communicate with the server.

How do we upgrade weapon? It doesn’t seem to work on xbox

Ancient Golem is an existing Troop, this is the correct Talent

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Thanks, somehow I have totally forgot about the existance of the troop. The game have so many troops nowadays. :grin:

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If you’re having trouble upgrading I’ll need more information.

@Unreal Please try the steps in this article applicable to your platform, you may also want to restart your console especially if you were playing as the patch was launched


After every battle this message comes up and the game shuts down. This is on Steam.

@Cyrup nevermind i found it but on the screen it say press y to upgrade weapon but you need to press RB


I have that same crash after every battle also on Steam.

Yep, crashing after just about any screen transition on iOS for me.