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What has happened to customer support?

I have had 2 rather important tickets submitted for about 48 hours now and nothing,usually they at least look at the issue once by this point,but now. nothing

I’d like my issues fixed before reset or the next update but it don’t look like it’s gonna happen

Anyone else having a severe lag in customer service?

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I don’t think they are in service on the weekend, though I might be wrong.


I’m not sure which system you submitted your tickets about, nor what your tickets are about (and thus what priority they might be) but even with all the server issues they had last week, support resolved my PC/Mobile guild rewards ticket in 2-3 days which was much faster than I anticipated since I knew they had been flooded with tickets.

I know that doesn’t help you at all with getting your issues fixed but I suspect @Lyya is correct and they are resting up after a very long week.

I had the same issue. I put in a ticket for missing PVP tier rewards on Monday and haven’t heard back. In the past, they resolved issued pretty fast. I assume the lag in support has to do with the server change over.

Remember - they are in australia and the time zones may have hit in such a way that they got it close to end of business day on friday and wont be in until monday…

here is what i got when i reported missing seals —
" Usually, we will try to get back to you within 24-36 hours (though it may take a little longer on weekends).

Right now, our support team is still catching up with a surplus of tickets from the Holiday Season, so please bear with us - the response may take a little longer than anticipated - but we promise we’ll get to your request as soon as we can."

it did take 4 days, but they did work on it.

I have been experiencing this as well. Usually they are prompt and very helpful. Tickets have never remained open this long. Some of mine are going on 10 days without a response.

Hey guys,

We had over 200 requests backed up in support going into the weekend, due to the server migration last week
Generally we can get back to people within 24-36 hours, but that’s obviously going to blow out over the weekends.

The support guys worked some pretty long hours last week, and we actually had to give them the weekend off to recover.

Everyone’s issues will be addressed, as always, but we’re just going to take a little longer to get there, sorry!


I don’t know how to create a thread and am to fed up to try and figure it out right now and this place seemed closely related to my issue. And honestly I just want to be heard right now.

I’ve been trying to deal with customer support for a couple hours now and as far as I can tell they don’t exist anymore. I was having a issue with the game so after checking the forums and realizing that my issue was unusual I proceeded to fill out a support ticket. While reviewing my ticket before submitting it I noticed that they no longer process bug reports. I couldn’t find anywhere to send in my issue and I tried filling out a ticket again, this time as feedback (they no longer process feedback either).

At this point I changed my approach to commenting on the “new” customer support (lack thereof), as my initial issue no longer seemed important in comparison to not being able to find resolutions to issues in general. So since it’s stated that they will at least read the ticket before closing it, I added my feedback on customer support to my original issue and submitted it. I was hopeful that after reading they would possibly reply with a next step for me or maybe even forward my inquiries to the appropriate people. This did not happen. Instead I received a generic reply (no one read my submission) informing me that they don’t handle this type of issue and the ticket had been closed.

So now I am here, don’t know where else to turn. Is shouting out our grievances in public and hoping that someone is actually listening, what counts as customer support these days? I noticed that they ask for VIP lvl when submitting tickets now, maybe mine just isn’t high enough to warrant a response, lol.

Anyone who’s made it this far thanks for listening. Below is my original submission to support that went unread. I do love the first line, lol.

From the sounds of it you’ll be ignoring my submission anyways and just closing this ticket right away, sad I used to rave about the quality of your customer support. I was going to send this in as a bug but turns out you don’t handle those anymore. After trying unsuccessfully to find where to send a bug report, (to much to ask support to just forward it to the right people I guess, lol), I thought I’d beat the system by submitting as feedback instead. Turns out support no longer handles that either. Exactly what sort of support is worthy of your time now days? I started off as mildly annoyed by an issue I was having with the game to being sent to the verge of rage quitting over what now seems to be nonexistent customers support.

Well, below is my initial problem, not that that is your concern anymore. I was going end with saying “I hope you enjoy closing my unresolved ticket as much as I’m going to enjoy deleting your game.” but if I end up quitting over your terrible support, I won’t enjoy it at all. I’ve been playing for over 3.5 year and have obviously been having fun but if customers support is gone then it’s only a matter of time until this game becomes unplayable. I waited a long time before opening a ticket because I assumed many others would have opened tickets and a fix would have been in the works. Never could have guessed that no one was listening.

I’ve had to create my pet rescue team fresh for every event. Wasn’t sure if this was a bug or just an annoying feature. Checked the forum to see what other players were saying and general consensus was that the teams save for each colour and once all six teams are created I shouldn’t have to input them anymore. I’ve certainly had to input my team more than 6 times and it’s getting to be more hassle than it’s worth. I’m stuck just using my generic pvp team because I can input it quickly rather than trying to remember what worked well the last time.

I can’t help you with your support issue, but I can tell you that the weekly pet events require you to create a new team each time, even if you already had an existing team for that same pet/color. I don’t know whether this is technically a “bug” or “feature”. Once we go back to the regular 1 hour events tomorrow, your regular pet event teams will be accessible again, but next Wednesday’s day-long pet event will require you to set up a team from scratch.


Hello @Ogno. I’m sorry to hear your frustration.

Bug reports are now submitted on our forums and then collated in our Known Issues thread. This thread is a great way to see what bugs we are aware of, whether we can reproduce them, and when a fix is incoming. Some bug fixes require a major update, while others can be made server-side and released when we have found a solution to the problem. This not only helps us keep better track of how many people are affected by a bug, but it gives players a way to see our progress on the issues they are experiencing.

We chose to remove feedback from support as our support team is not equipped to do anything with player feedback. The best place to leave feedback is here, our community forums. It is easier to track trends in player requests and sentiment when done through the forums. :slight_smile: I then collate a lot of this information and present it to our developers.

Support primarily deals with account recoveries, missing rewards and game crashes. Your VIP level makes no difference to the time it takes to be seen by a support agent, as we process tickets by request type and the time we received them.

To answer your question, as @Stan stated earlier, your team is reset for the weekly pet event.

It’s right there on the right side on the front page of the forum.

The idea behind the pet rescue team slots is crazy to me, but here’s how it works.

You have your team slots you can see, then a lot of “hidden” team slots that only appear when a certain event is active. The “events” that have their own team slot are:

  • Raid Boss
  • Invasion
  • 1 Pet event for every color
  • Weekly pet event
  • Bounty hunt
  • Class

Now, there’s another tricky aspect here. The Raid Boss team appears to reset every Raid Boss event. This makes sense, because they all have different restrictions so you can’t really reuse last Raid Boss event’s team. In the code, the way this manifests is “every Raid Boss encounter is a new event”, so they all get a different team slot. In theory, if we ever loop and start repeating Raids, you’ll see your old team.

This follows for Invasions, Bounties, and class events. In those events, we just didn’t notice because you can’t use the same teams anyway.

Pet rescues are weird. All the other events have a schedule, but the per-color pet rescues can happen at any time. Every Red pet rescue is considered a repeat of the last Red pet rescue. Thus, each one shares exactly the same team slot and after you fill it in once, it’s remembered. But since Brown events are not Red events, that one ALSO has to be populated.

The weekly pet rescue is even weirder. It’s always a new event, thus it has a different slot than last week’s. So: every week, you have to put a new team in, because “11 July Pet Rescue” is not the same thing as “Blue Pet Rescue” to the game and they don’t share a team slot.

Now you understand it. That doesn’t mean it makes sense. I don’t get why we’re designed to add a new per-active-player database row every week when there’s almost no reason you ever want to not use your already-set team. But it is what it is.