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Orbweaver + Deathknight Hero Class Changes

I’m probably being dumb, but why does it matter if hero classes share types with their kingdom troops? Thematic? Stat bonus? Anything else?

For class events you can only use troops that are the same troop type and from the same kingdom as the hero class. Before this change there was only 2 troops that could be used in this class event.

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I also wish this announcement meant a rework of the Orbweaver talent tree, the current worst in the game.


Thank you @Maxx for updating your list so fast.
Hero Class Kingdom/Troop type

Do we know if 4.0 will include troop type visible in class menu?


I’ll keep updating it whenever a class is changed or a new one is released.

I’m not sure if I should make a new thread so it’s easier to find and add in kingdoms and types that don’t currently have a hero class yet.

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Im 99% sure they said they would fix the troop visibility bug in 4.0

I really love the dual troop type idea for hero.

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You could.
Sometimes in global I see “Why do my Quests say 24/28 with none available?”
One stop shopping for information on the forums is great.

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Every week I keep wondering if I can get the 10% bonus from the event kingdom or troop type so a list of all kingdoms and troop types will make that easier for me as well. I’ll do that soon.

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I bet “dual type” isn’t considered because the hero is already “Something/Hero”. Not that anything in the game specifically targets heroes.

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Just elaborating on the weak Orbweaver tree:

It has no passive match skills aside from Poison on purple skills.
When you compare to all that is out there (disease, enchant, barrier, Hunter, cleanse, dmg, etc) this is very very weak.

Most bonus are game starters effect, or troop specific effect, or first position effect.
So if your Orbweaver is not first (and technically you don’t want to since you wanna use the spider spawning) and does not use a specific weapon or troop type, you get nothing.

It’s stronger trait, Rising Shadow, is shared by way stronger classes , like sorcerer.


I feel like the real problem are the traits/passives mostly useless, than undead, elf, gypsie or whatever

Completely didn’t think of that, thank you.

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In regards to making finding information easier, @Cyrup is doing a big help desk overhaul, and everything will be much easier to access both in and out of game. :slight_smile:


To confirm, and it was mentioned in the stream, you can’t get faction troops from chests. Faction troops can be obtained from chaos portals. (More on that in the 4.0 preview stream!!!)


It would be nice if which hero class provided what troop type was viewable information anywhere. it’s not viewable anywhere in the class screens.


They have previously informed us that it’s a bug that we cant see it, and that it will be fixed in 4.0

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Must have missed that. Link?

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I mean, they could just remove the troop restriction and just keep it as kingdom only hence why Orbweaver and Deathknight don’t need to be changed but alas, not the case.

Still, think of all the combonations you could have done with this restriction!

Orbweaver: Hero, Tal’rae, Dokkalfar and one empty space for a giant spider spawn or Hero, Dokkalfar, Dokkalfar, Tal’rae!

Deathknight: Hero with Mang along with 3 Grave Knights! You have 4 armor destruction! What could possibly go wrong!?

But in all seriousness, why the troop restriction on top of kingdom restriction?

Seems to me the restrictions are by design specifically for class events. I guess it serves as a different team building challenge compared to other events.