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3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Maybe stop clicking greyed out icons? idk

My guildmates are currently involved in a pet rescue and yet there is no update on iOS yet? Nothing the App Store, did hard reset, still nothing. What’s up with that?

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PC player. Regression bug. You can’t use the troop-selection screen with a game controller. The input focus is stuck in the text-search box, so it’s impossible to pick the colors, categories, kingdoms, etc. you want displayed.

Sounds like a minor bug but it actually makes the game unplayable via Steam link so it is a show-stopper here. And this had JUST finally been fixed in the last update.

Miss R i think Orange has a fix in i chat :heart_eyes:

Our engine recently was updated, this meant that our textures had to be updated as well. In turn, this causes all textures to be re-downloaded again on mobile. That may be why you’re seeing a delay for some images to load in, and the spinning wheel is there because it indicates the downloading.

However if the images are not loading at all after some time, then that is a bug. If that is the case, can you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

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@Calv1n The calendar icon is meant to be greyed out but the icon is missing as there is no data! The icon depends on players having data: It shows information on our new daily/weekly login streak system. This should fix itself at reset.


3.4 spins and PvP never loads

What platform you are playing on?
iPad iOS

When did the issue begin occuring and how frequent is it?
All the time tried rebooting and reloading app still does the same thing


Cant get into chat at all once I click connect I get spinning wheel of never ending spins

Doesn’t seem to help, I’m unable to enter Pet Rescue, even though other guild members can. Steam, if it matters.

Edit: Found another Pet Gnome, event activated this time.

What platform are you on? Did you try restarting the game completely?

@RiverSong When you say did hard reset do you mean rebooted your device?

All pet foods incorrectly cost 125 jewels to craft in the soulforge, except brown which correctly costs 100 (and hopefully not the reverse).

@Mithran We have verified this and will be fixing the Brown Jewel cost within an hour or two with a change to the servers. All Pet Food should actually be 125 Jewels to craft.

My guild got a 2nd pet event, but I didn’t get it.

I’m the leader of the guild and have been in the guild the entire time.

Also, no achievement was given when the 1st pet event we had was completed.

All this on the PC Steam version.

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Update: Xbox achievements should be live at approximately 5 pm AEST today (May 1st). It’s based on Microsoft’s timezone of the start to the day, sadly not ours!

edit: PS4 Achievements should be live.

have a couple of guildmates who did not get pet rescue event the rest of os got either, on both ios and pc

Added to the list we’re looking into it :+1:

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Gnome Vault doesn’t work. Continuous spin. Doesn’t even come up with retry button. Have to swipe exit the game come back to find my gnome vault key value down. That bites. Did it again to see if it was a one off. Nope. That’s two vault keys I’m down for nada.

Can I still submit a ticket? I heard somewhere that I can no longer do this.

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Quite some progress! (Android.)


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So my guild is starting its 2nd Pet Rescue, only some of us have access to it and others don’t. People are updated. Is there a solution to triggering the prompt? (we’ve done battles and stuff before and after. I fought a pet gnome, beat it, and saw no notifications even though there was no event active)