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3.4 Feedback and suggestions

Sadly, that’s not the case for everyone. Especially, right after the update went live.

That’s nice, except with the “Gems of War” in the middle of the screen, it can block some things. Like, the building from the Shentang kingdom.

Couldn’t agree with you more. Another update, another way the Console players get the short end of the stick.

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Can we get a “seriously, I don’t listen to the sound files so please don’t even download them” option in the menu? I have an old phone with limited memory, and every MB helps.

This screen is an ideal place for the “time left in event”Screenshot_20180501-122726


Pet gnome drop rate already nerfed? 0 encounters in the last few hours.


I can’t be the only one playing on 1280x720 resolution. Can’t see the timer on Pet Rescue, its off to the right. Stick it on the big tile in the top-left corner.

It should also be somewhere in that overview tab as suggested a couple posts up.


Continuing the discussion from 3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console):

I just rushed to finish 6 fights since there was no time left, and I got a pop up “event ended”
I chose “continue” and got.the same pop up.msg again and again…
I could not claim rewards, checked my mail nothing…
Restarted still nothing.
So.i didn’t get anything for fighting 6 battles :tired_face:


Is this intended?
I earned the rewards within the time limit, but didn’t have time to claim them. Are we expected to claim after each match?
If you’re going to blatantly use the same code as Invasions for Pet Rescues. Then at least have “the missed rewards” show up in the mail like they do in Invasions if left unclaimed after the week is over.


they’re supposed to, one of my guildmates managed to have it sent to him. Everyone else though, the mail feature isn’t working


The guild-based pet events seem to be a little buggy.

I’ve been in the game all afternoon, playing various games. I only got the “pet event” pop up with 5 minutes left. It should probably pop up as soon as it starts, right?

I had to make a whole new pet rescue team, with no ability to select the team I had used a couple hours ago or any of my 30 pre-made teams. Shouldn’t I be able to use my existing teams?

I got to stage 6 and after beating stage 6 was told “This event has ended”. It kicked me back to the main pet rescue screen and there was no way for me to claim rewards for the 5 stages I had already cleared. Seems like people should be able to get the rewards for the stages they’ve gotten through, right?


About pet event

  • I really like the pet rescue event this is really cool, the 1h window surprisingly didin’t matter me that much cause we were able to find a pet gnome relatively quick

  • I don’t like the fact we only got one slot to build a team during rescue pet. Since we are not restricted in the troop selection like raid boss and invasion, i would prefer get the same team selection then pvp

  • rescue shop tiers are too expensive i would consider adjust it, give more loots for same price or reduce the price

About Doomskulls

  • I think it’s a good idea but i also think it would be better idea to remove them in raid boss, invasion Rescue pet and GW, and only keep it in PVP, Explore, Dungeon and Arena

I was so frustrated with the 1 hour time…especially since it takes time to find a team to win levels 7 and 8…

What really frustrated me - was none of my team bonuses were being applied…it was like only the guild bonues.

The bonuses are a little tricky.
They’ll only apply if you have the right troops on your team. For instance.
For this guy you need at least 2 Apocalypse troops on your team for the pet bonus to take effect.
(I must have disenchanted some. :wink:)

The Pets buff the already existing Team Bonuses, rather than providing new ones. I wrote up a brief explanation here: "Magic Bonus" is either broken or worded poorly

Also @Rickygervais I’ll need to double check, but I believe it should save your Pet Rescue team across the same colour Pet rescues (eg all Purple {Type} Pets will have the same team saved when you enter them)


Happy Anniversary! @Ozball :grinning:


Ok ty for info but i still would prefer to get the same system then pvp for the team selection

Lengthen the time to one day so everybody has an opportunity to take part instead of who happens to be active at the time. Either that or the opportunities must be much more often. The guild I’m in is not an inactive guild by any stretch of the imagination (it’s not a trophy factory either) and I have yet to see one triggered yet.

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This is down right annoying. First how is anyone remotely winning at these especially against the Daemon group (which btw is now the second same set from the first) I’m level 1092 - Thees are ALL MYTHICs fully traited


And no Pharos didn’t work because Death mark took out Dragonsoul right out the gate.

I finish get the 8th one FINALLY won - and ERROR The event is ended


DEV pleawse re-think this ‘event’ because unless you give something to beef up teams - and not waste time making teams which makes it harder to finish. I have 20 minutes left when I got to level 8.

I did 10 games at level 8 - retreating at the first sign of failure.

This isn’t fun

And the end - Continue - can’t get out of - makes it so you have to quit the game.


I am having problems with the game on my mobile tablet since the recent patch. When I try to play PvP or Arena matches, I press to go to battle and after getting past that the game just keeps buffering and the match never comes up. And the only way to stop it is to close out the game. This makes it impossible to try to get the new pet gnomes. Please help!!!

Just quickly…

  1. We haven’t touched gnome spawn rates.

  2. If you are experiencing long loading times on Mobile, please go here: http://bit.ly/2r9TIlV

  3. Doomskulls have a 10% chance of replacing typical skull drops.

Question: do pet gnomes replace treasure gnomes, or is it an additional roll? If it’s separate, is it possible to get both gnomes in the same battle?