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More Pets and 3.4 infos

so the stream is over, let’s see what we know so far

  • 32 pets will be released with the patch

  • you can name your pet

  • you can feed pet with any food color but it’s better give them their own color to get a bonus (the food with little star is recommended)

  • you also can forge food IMG_8905

  • you receive gems as rewards after each 5 level

  • level 20 is max level and will reward you orb of chaos and maximum bonus

  • you can get pet with pet gnome or rescue event

  • gnome pet will appear only in pvp mode

  • when someone in your team trigger a rescue event, everyone in the guild receive a notification and you can accept or refuse to rescue the pet.

  • each rescue battle win give you rescue rewards

  • with rescue rewards you can win pet or food

  • you need to win 8 battle to rescue the pet and win a guarantee pet (if you don’t participate you don’t win it)IMG_8904IMG_8903

There is the calendar with the timer (daily login) full month rotation now


@Rickygervais got a screenshot of the calendar?


yup good idea i will add it

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I like everything I saw/heard except the time zones deal… One of the things I love about GoW is to play with people from across the world. Now there’s going to be an incentive not to.


its this sigil based?

No. Not that we could see anyway.


no i asked salty and she said no, i guess the 5 hours is the only restriction

good thing i buyed the dungeon pack every day and not only on sunday, it look like it will cost color jewel to craft food :stuck_out_tongue:


Patch notes when?
Complete Info when?


only info we got is soon TM and it is effectively submitted

its always a tuesday or thursday.

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But what about the OTHER 5 days!

nobody is happy about winning more treasure map in daily login? :stuck_out_tongue:

Today 2 new troops were released, tomorrow the start of GW, Wednesday 3.4 will be released, Thursday hotfixes on issues with 3.4 will be released, Friday-Sunday Gnome Event weekend.
What more could you want?

Would be nice to win a orb of chaos after 30 consecutive day

Rewards are based on 7 consecutive days. The rest are if you log in that calendar day. Each day of the month offers a different reward.

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Oh i get it sorry it missunderstood that one

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Just gonna say that this looks awesome! More free gems!

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If you beat eight rescue fights, you are guaranteed a pet. Being an end game player, I should have little problem doing that. What about newer players, who can beat four or five missions, but can’t beat the final few? Do they get anything?

Also, I still don’t know what a pet is!

We are told that the max level of a pet is 20, but the picture we are shown says max level 5?

I don’t have all that may colored gems (6,000 or so each.) To me that has translated into 60 celestials when I need them. Is food really going to worth more than that?

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Pet are similar as armor, they give you gold,souls,xp bonus or some are only cosmetic

Feeding pet increase their % bonus