3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


The more I use the new guild task page, which is missing the numerical amount of gold contributed, the stupider I find it.


Also on the iPhone app version it’s list these as $1 savings


Crypt Keeper doesnt get its bonus damage from death marked enemies

Simple to replicate. Use crypt keepers ability, and see that when it applies death mark to its target, the enemies below it dont take the increased damage.

Edit - as Rickygervais pointed out, it will apply the damage if they are already death marked, but it wasnt like that pre patch. Its always applied the extra damage if the enemy gets death marked on cast.


They need to be already death marked for the extra damage


It didnt used to be that way though. It used to apply death mark, and give the extra damage from it.


Yup but they fixed couple spell, korvash, kraken and scorpio same for this weapon


Im not familiar with scorpio, but this is a very different case from korvash and kraken. The issue with them was that if it killed an enemy, it would actually do something very clearly different from the wording of the card. They specified who the target was, and changed targets if the second enemy died. Thats very different from this case.

Now scorpio could be very similar to the crypt keeper, in which case I would concede.


Looks like when we were testing weapons for the changes to spell resolution, Crypt Keeper seemed to get missed. We’ll look at getting a fix in for the next update so that it is working as it was previously.


The fireworks make the game way to bright and hurt after only one match. You can not tell what statis effect everyone has they are way to similar and didn’t need to be changed.


I have a bug. When infernus’s attack hits and his adjacent attack kills an enemy sometimes the second attack is targets and hits the just killed enemy thereby wasting that attack against a still living enemy.


Ah, another side effect bug from ‘fixing’ emperor korvash. Druid probably same bug, but unusual for its 1 damage to adjacent enemies to kill.


The adjacent attack only kills when the attack is greater than the life/armor, but when that is the case the second main attack will sometimes hit the just deceased enemy as Infernus does two main attacks and an adjacent attack for both.


My defence teams for days 1–3 switched to teams I had not placed there, and those days’ slots were locked, are still locked, so I cannot change them back to the full 24 different troops I had worked so hard to get to save in the first place. I don’t play GW except to skip to get the 2k points for my guild each day. Now I won’t get to contribute even that. :pensive: I play on the 11.2.1 operating system of iOS and 7.0 of Android.


No, you are so correct, Grundulum; the names & banners changed to my first 3 actual teams, so I thought the teams had switched as it does after reset. However, the actual defence teams were the same as before. Better, but so very odd. We have the same glitch after all. Thanks for posting.

Also, the bundle prices and other specials are showing prices of $5K. Each bundle costs $4,999 except one that is priced at $1,499. EDIT: Prices are now all under $100, lol.


I had something similar happen. My first three teams’ names and banners changed. But not the troop composition, the points awarded, or the teams from days 4-6. Weird that your behavior is different from mine.


I have one i haven’t seen. Tribute on home kingdom is not appearing. Just woke up and I can’t get it to appear, tried closing the game, fighting a battle, and nothing. I’m on an iPhone 5s


Check your mail. (No, seriously.)

Or, you may be able to just press your home kingdom and get tribute even if the flashing coins are not there.


The Deathknight Pack is correct. Ring of Wonder is probably worth about $8 so the valuation is correct on the red banner. They just marked it up 3x.


I had that happen to me. I did not lose but I was frozen and did not know. I guess it could have cost me match.


Just got the daily task to use 3 gem keys (ps4). My lowest option is to use 10 now cos I can’t use 1 at a time.
I don’t want to use 10 gem keys to get 10 Gems cos I’ve only got 84 and I want a slim chance at the new mythic so now I’m stuck with this task for a week.


Does the top Daily task reset every day? I know it’s supposed to but I’ve had ‘train a troop to level 18’ for three days now and I can’t!