3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


You are not imagining anything!! The cascades are out of control. Virtually every pvp team has psion/rag/fam/inf and the combination is looping ridiculously. The one inf wasn’t even traited except for the first and 10 red gems fell from the sky like magic. Enough times for it to be problematic they got 2-3 cast off apiece and i didn’t even get to go once. I play primarily in pvp, i’m usually in the top 50 so i play the same team day in and day out, i’m used to the routine of it and use counters, so i’m pretty gracious about losing, but this is over the top. I’ve never lost this much. It’s not the actual losing that bothers me, it’s the abnormal behavior of a team i’ve come to know like the back of my hand. I use the same offense team as normal, hell i even five starred my last magic kingdom today, i’m just frustrated. Even my friend that’s over noticed it was worse than usual, just interjected as a spectator. I’m just happy someone else is seeing the same thing.


[Steam version.]
New UI of “Troops and Teams” view does not work correctly in 1280x1024 resolution - only 8 (instead of 12) troops are visible at the same time.
I hope that it is a bug and not intended change, since it makes creating teams a painful process.


[Steam Version]
IMHO both the frozen and burning animations need to be buffed up a bit. I was cursing when my 4 match did not yield me another turn when I finally noticed the frozen animation.


Can we list the particles as “known issue” because they make the game unplayable? Because yeah… this is impossible now.
I’m not even kidding, I tried like ten times now and I just can’t take it. It hurts.

I really hope no one with epilepsy plays this.

Can we get a hotfix? Heck, I’ve grown used to be able to not see the numbers, now also can’t see traits and status effects anymore, but NOT able to see something is nicer than seeing TOO MUCH (as the formerly-flashing button had shown before).

I really, really cannot understand why “Oh, people get a headache from the flashing button, let’s fix it!” inspired “Let’s add lots of flashing particle effects” to happen. Like, I don’t get it.

I understood by now - thanks to the FAQ - that the UI update was necessary to make different languages and the like possible because of the graphics. Makes total sense. And I can see with this update that you guys are working on making the UI more user-friendly. Which is great! You listened about the button and the chest sidescrolling, after all!
…But really, given that the game is now once again unplayable for me, I hope you have another really good explanation (together with a hotfix so that I can play again…) ready for why the particles and new status effects were needed. Because I absolutely cannot fathom it.

I hope this is not my fault.:scream: I know I said in the thread about the trait pictures that I wish colors would return to the game now that the UI is all gothic black and depressing. But I meant that as in “please make the UI images more colorful and the borders prettier and border the text so that things are easier for the eyes” and not as in “please make sure I get epilepsy and lose the rest of my already-almost-gone vision with exploding particles which are ten times as bright as the rest of the game”. That’s… a big difference.

I thought that after the hotfix after the first UI update, I would be able to play the game again at least somewhat (with dragons, where I don’t need to see numbers). But now I’m back to not being able to play again.
I don’t comprehend.

Will there be another hotfix or is this the end for good this time?


Please make it a option where we can simply turn these flashing special effects off. While they look all flashy and sparkly, they also are a health risk. I am a epileptic due to a severe head injury. Game play prior to this was without incident. Please take into consideration not everyone has perfect vision or health. You are more than welcome to contact me for any additional information. I can only darken the color of my iPad so much before I can’t even read anything anymore. That is not a feasible option. Thank you.


I am unfortunately one of these epileptics. Never had any issues prior to the update.


I’m so sorry to hear that! I’m “just” getting a migraine from it, which at least isn’t life-threatening, but makes the game just as unplayable.
I have extremely bad vision issues myself (almost blind on one eye, blurred sight on the other and red-green-blindness) and had to give up on seeing rarity and numbers with the last UI update while the sidescrolling from chests made me almost throw up, but at least I could find ways around it (look away during chest opening, just use dragons so that I target everything and don’t need to know armor/life).

But these particles are in every single movement in battle. That’s nothing like chest opening, where you can look away until it’s done. It’s basically in the core of the game and with that, highly dangerous. I really hope you didn’t suffer an epileptic attack and that they will hotfix this so that people like us don’t have to give up on the game.

Know you are not alone with health problems caused by updates made to the game. If and when a fix will come, though, is unsure with these things. They fixed readability quickly after the UI changed, the button was neon for longer, sidescrolling is partially fixed, board transparency is not. Who knows what will happen with the particles…:worried:


I was told in global chat that this issue was already discussed I am assuming by the beta testers for a month now. Why would the devs release something that is potentially a serious health risk? One issue that is a major problem is things being layered. Need to have solid layers. Not semi transparent ones and these flashing fireworks are the true danger!


I have no idea. Same reason why they don’t make the board non-transparent again or don’t border the text to help people with their eyestrain, I suppose? Though what that reason may be, no one knows.

It’s extremely weird to see that so many things in the new UI get made all fancy - 3D items and currencies, now the particles - while so much other stuff gets made completely flat (the new mastery symbols or the guild menu) and colorless while the troop are is traditional and colorful. It’s like three different artists work on the game now. I understand it’s supposed to be modern, but it’s not consistent.

None of this makes sense. Not the design combination choices, not the userfriendliness - because really, it’s basic thinking that if people cannot stand a flashing button, they won’t be able to stand eternal particles ten times as bright - and definitely not the safety issues.

I really don’t know how it is in Australia (where the devs are), but here in Germany, we have some kind of law that a game that has stuff like epilepsy triggers needs a warning screen before startup or else the company can get sued if someone suffers an epileptical attack. Which is why I really, really don’t understand the particle choice. It’s like the devs not just don’t learn, but also don’t care - not about our health but also not about their own game (unless it’s okay in Australia to not warn people about triggers and there can’t be any lawsuits about it).


I can understand others viewpoints. They want to make the game feel fresh, modern and up to date. I am sure that is what is their true intent. Typically most places such as these don’t employ individuals with vision or light sensitivity issues. However they should be consulted if not. Still, I do appreciate them trying to make the game better. Just sometimes when you go to bat hoping for a homerun you strike out instead.


The “Monthly Deal” graphic claims the $19.99 deal is a “$1 Value!”

You should probably provide about $18.99 more value if that’s the case.

To be fair, it’s almost right. Aside from the Ring of Wonder (which is an interesting proposition at $10 IMO), I can get everything on the table for free in a week. $20 is my monthly budget.


Dawnbringer appears to be still available in the Arena.


We are looking into this! Seems to only be occurring before the update 3.2.5, so try updating. Mobile/Steam should be live soon.

Thanks for that! Is it still happening? Let me know if it doesn’t resolve in 12 hours.

Uh yeah! I don’t see why we could go around without concern for health risks Sheba. :slight_smile: :woman_shrugging: We are not intending to cause you problems! We can’t always predict player reactions. Thanks for the suggestions, we’re looking into it.

Frozen and burning
We had a fix for this but it didn’t make it in the update. D: It MIGHT be in the future but I am not sure what form this will take, or when


These downloads happening between each arena battle. Slightly different sizes each time.


Those file sizes, and the fact that it happens before battle, make me think you are getting refreshed troop data. That does lead to the question about why you need refreshed troop data. Maybe the fix for the startup-download problem (constantly needing to download 3MB every time the game starts) involved a reset of a timestamp, so your installation no longer thinks it has the most current data?


Perhaps because the images are slightly different. At the very least they’ve reduced the trait ribbons to miniscule.

I moved to arena to get away from most of the nauseating trait animations, but they make a massive delay between each battle. Ample time to reconsider playing the game any more.


[Mobile] Visual effect of regeneration (troops with regeneration trait e.g. Forest Troll, Tuskar) keeps activating every turn even without any life loss.


On Steam:

I can’t restart the game normally after closing it. It does the first start, then I get ‘Player is already running Error’

Player Already Running

The only way to start it is to close Steam completely.



It’s now locked up in an infinite loop, thanks to the changeover.

Pressing Continue just brings it back up.