3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


PS4, echoing some of the opinions here, the visual effects (fireworks type splashes) don’t add anything but actually cheapen the game. The effect when cpu taking turn also makes game appear to stutter. Chests menu is too cluttered (much simpler cycling through pages before), Kingdom stars less clear, traits on troops are also lost on darker character cards. Notifications/rewards are now bland and boring when everything else has been over blinged. Guild tasks progress is represented by percentage rather than actual coin value for some bizarre reason.


I see % and total gold on xbox?


I think I prefer the new menu - it’s nice to see all of my keys on one screen.

This is a big improvement over the last update (with the little box full of stars), but still not as clear as the original.

I agree with you on that one - I don’t see the point of the % calculation. Also, the little dog-ear at the bottom corner obscures the start of the number on later tasks making it impossible to see the total required when that task is selected. You have to move to a different task to see the full number.

We see the same, but why not just show amount contributed / total required like they used to?


Yeah i agree i also mentionned this in the other thread, only total gold info would be fine


Kingdom stars were much easier ‘at a glance’ with last update but far from as clear as they could be although it may be easier on higher level kingdoms but I can’t be certain as majority of mine are only 4-5 stars. Something like the portraits used in Overwatch that could surround Kingdom or its name and become more elaborate as you level up Kingdom perhaps?


I don’t have an update to evaluate. Still 3.2.0. Maybe I’m lucky in that? Steam/PC


PC/Mobile won’t be updated until tomorrow. We’re lucky, but only for today.


Ah, thank you. Just saw that on another thread.


For me, the boxes below the kingdom names were so small and I couldn’t figure out which were the 2nd level stars, so the last update was useless in terms of “at a glance” information. The whole system of stars has always struck me as odd/weird (no stars, one silver star, then 10 gold stars except gold stars 6 through 10 appear as blue when you actually get them).

Most of my kingdoms are at 6 or 7 stars and this update has made it easier for me to tell what level they are at from the map screen. If I was still actively working on power-levelling kingdoms, I’d be using GOWDB rather than relying on what I can see in the game itself.


Again, do we really need stars? Just put a number and no more confusion


And when you check your rewards in the mail you got a freaking big square but the rewards logo are small please use all the space you got!

Or make the square smaller


who has update ??? console, ios ect .


I think console only, pc and mobile should get it tomorow

That was weird, yesterday cyrup announced it was sent to the submission and then boom we got the update, it feel like they got the approvement automatically


@Cyrup im still downloading data every time im logging in. I thought this update was suppose to fix it?


I think when they say tomorrow, they mean “tomorrow” from their perspective in Australia, which might actually mean a few hours from now when their workday starts. Hard to say for sure since the console release certainly came as a surprise.


Ok aftter 1 day of playing i can already confirm the AI is getting more lucky then ever during cascade and explosion the AI refill very quick, particullary infernus, he refill himself more easier and often then usual.

Some people will say it’s my imagination but i know it’s not the case, i been using the same team during 3 week against same meta and it is clear in my eyes the AI is way more lucky since yesterday


Please don’t update PC/Mobile.

Keep the over the top particle effects and extra lucky AI to yourselves.



I appreciate you reporting things but I can’t help you if you don’t provide more information. I posted this in another thread. Please provide the size of the download, screenshot, description of when it appears (i.e. on GoW loading screen? After an “You need to download ___” screen?) :sun_with_face:

So, there’s a few download sizes you could be experiencing: (Note: +/- 0.1MB on those sizes, all sizes approximate)

0.87 MB - Language/localisation data: Fixed in the next update
2.19 MB - Game data - Fixed in the next update
18- 20 MB - An issue resolved last week*. If you are still experiencing this problem, please clarify exactly how it occurs.

More info in this post which provides examples of types post downloads/screenshots

We actually don’t know either, as mentioned on the updating soon thread, it’s up to the individual platforms and their submissions review process. It seems that we are going ahead to be releasing within the next 24 hours but it is not guaranteed.


Yeah was announced yesterday here in game, that we should get it today some time.


@Cyrup it’s the 1,00mb and 2,24mb

Wich was suppose to be localisation and game data

The 1,00mb bar appear couple sec after pushing the “A” button and the 2,24 appear when the loading bar is at 75-80%