3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Change TV settings to movie or cinema. It’s fine on my display


Unfortunately due to restrictions by the console manufacturers, we are unable to award Trophies/Achievements without first performing an action (in this case level up). It should give you the trophies when you level up next, although it may only do it once at a time, so you may have to level up twice to unlock both Trophies.


Xbox. I downloaded the update and did not have two new achievements in the game.
They do not appear in the list of achievements. I had 39 out of 39 achievements openly and nothing has changed


Seems to work at the account of a guild friend!
I will try it out myself asap, but 2 levels above 1000 take some time.

Btw: Were is the Level 1000 Gold Trophy? :wink:
& Thanks for supporting the game with new trophies, hope there will come much more in the future!


The work of art is now complete.


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I don’t like the fireworks effect that shows on every move whether it is using ability or matching gems please tone this down dramatically. It really does hurt my eyes. And yes my TV is on the proper settings.

Normally I can play for hours, now I’m struggling to play for even 30mins. Please get a hot fix out asap for PS4 as I was really looking forward to sometime in gems over the holidays, if it stays like this I won’t be able to handle it.

Also on PS4 it is VERY difficult to see the frozen effect now.

The pulse of the barrier is unnecessary and is a distraction for me while playing, makes it very difficult to concentrate with what is going on the board.

The burning and poison effects are also to much and very distracting making it hard to concentrate.

Each update since the new UI keeps getting worse unfortunately. Are you trying to make the game unplayable?

We're updating Gems of War soon
3.2.5 Feedback and suggestions

When you’re playing the number one guild in gw and lose a match because you have no idea you’re frozen, it pisses you off.



Daily tasks are not showing progression. It just written : actual progression / total progression. It should be numbers there.

Can not open a chest with one key only, it is minimum 10 by 10. Was really happy to find the daily task : “use one gem key” and needed to use ten of those to finish it. Did noone thought how the chest changes could screw some aspect of the game. Obviously not, because noone at I+2 plays on console…


this needs to be fixed asap. Unfortunately, I get the feeling their fix would probably just be removing those tasks =/


Idk if this is known or not. I CANNOT get to VIP chests, No matter how many clicks, or switching chests. It does not appear that I can buy Vip keys, only Gold, Glory, Gem, Guild chests. When I go to click on Vip, just screeen freezes and It does not show the “Buy 10 for 450” whatever.


Over in Xbox land, the particle effects for ‘Enrage’ are a bit over the top, and the flashing isn’t even in sync with multiple troops.


I also find the frozen effects very hard to notice, especially if you’re playing quite quickly but I actually prefer pretty much everything else. Nice job apart from the sideways scrolling for banners and hero. That’s just crappy.


Exactly what i was trying to say ty :slight_smile:


I think they are trying to make the game as much appealing to mobile as they can (possibly quite a bit of growth potential there) but they’re ruining our console experience in the process.


You mean destroying.


The explosion (new turn) notification is disturbing


Play treasure hunt, it’s a bit annoying with up and down arrow for turns.


It’s fixed ty


Also fixed ty


I agree but less disturbing cause it’s not in the board