3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)

My list of bugs and miscellany (all for iOS):

Serious issues:

  • The combo breaker doesn’t work anymore. It’s straight-up broken. I’ve had enemies get lucky skulls and lucky 4-of-a-kind in PVP, where it makes no sense for that to happen. (If for some reason this was intentional, please ship the person responsible to Mozilla where screwing up things that were once good is apparently their company motto. Then fix it.)
  • When multiple 4-of-a-kind matches happen at once, traits trigger multiple times. This means Kraken’s third trait can do insta-kills after a major event changes most of the board to one color, so fully-traited Kraken teams are currently nigh invincible.
  • The inability to quickly pick an item in the troop filter menu–e.g., having to scroll through traits one at a time–is not good. We need a scrollable dropdown as an alternative to the arrows. Letting users hold down the arrows would be a nice compromise, and is worth doing anyway.
  • The right arrow in Disenchant no longer goes up by higher numbers when you’re at a higher rarity and need to sacrifice a lot of troops. The left arrow being able to maximize is a good change, but the right arrow has changed for the worse. Best solution: Let the arrows be held down.
  • Reduction in gems for guild tasks, while not a bug, is seriously wrong. Not cool at all, especially with gems being used for so much more now. The assumption that everyone’s going to complete battles 4x faster because of the new animation speed is bogus, and anyway at that high a speed I find it unplayable.
  • Map zoom is forgotten between sessions. Maybe this was the case before, but it’s a bigger deal now that the zoom is completely messed up (see below).
  • When zoomed in on the map, the map doesn’t move as far when swiping.
  • Only 40 characters for the guild announcement? Good gads. I’m calling this a bug. Was it perhaps meant to be 140? Still not a lot, but at least that would be some kind of reasonable.

Aesthetic (but still annoying): (as seen on iPad Air 1 and iPhone 6)

  • Cards are now much too small. The reduction in size is no good; the old size was exactly right. Cards are now harder to read.
  • The kingdom sigil is not included in the card image. (This was reported above.)
  • Text sizes are wildly uneven across the board. This is especially bad with traits (the text is ridiculously big, especially with the much smaller card), and with the troop list when viewing a team. Someone seriously needs to take a look at how the text sizes are on iOS devices, because they’re all out of whack.
  • The map is zoomed way out. There’s no way to zoom in past a certain point, making the world feel small.

Room for Improvement:

  • With the new daily dungeon minigame, a reminder icon of some kind on the menu would be helpful. An exclamation point above the minigame menu (and/or Drifting Sands) would help. Likewise if your guild is in a war and it’s an attack day, and you haven’t done your attacks yet, you should have a reminder to attack. And also, if there are seals waiting to be collected, an icon might be a good idea there (maybe not the exclamation point, unless there’s a substantial number of seals like 100+ to collect).
  • Chat should default to the last mode you used. If you were in guild chat, that’s where it should open up.
  • The chat icon should probably pulse softly when unread guild chat messages are waiting. This way, newbies who don’t think to check it will be alerted and guild communication can improve. Yes, our guild has some newbies.
  • I still don’t get why I’ve done all kinds of chests and have never had one mythic, but my wife is closing in on half a dozen after having opened way fewer chests. I know it’s luck of the draw and there’s not much to be done about that; I’m just venting with that one. (At least Path to Glory II will get me one in a few days.)

Even if it does then you should be able to email support with your email, hero level, invite code and as much information about your account as possible and they should be able to help you recover the account.

Very easy first turn win

or maybe not

This also caused another loss

I’m losing enough on my own I don’t need the game to just give me random losses

In addition to @LummoxJR’s excellent list above, I have a few other graphical problems with the world map on iOS.

  • Not only does the map not remember your zoom level, it defaults to world center on restart. Defaulting to “centered on your home kingdom” like in the past is much more pleasant
  • Kingdoms at the edge of the map do not behave correctly. See the image below. Note that the Urskaya shield is displayed below the original on the map because the game won’t let itself scroll far enough north for the two to line up properly. There is also a sideways offset, but more on that later.
  • There is a persistent sideways waggle when selecting and dismissing the kingdom menu repeatedly. Even though the map is supposed to be centered on the kingdom before the shield menu pops up, the game thinks it’s slightly off-center.

  • And one more graphical oddity. Many of my Guild Wars opponents have their home kingdom backgrounds offset 50% in the GW opponent portrait. See the image below for an example. The right side of the portrait’s background is plain gray, and the left side is only the right side of the typical kingdom scene.
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I’ve had a few random crashes here and there (iPad Air 1), but today I just had one during Guild Wars. I have a loss on my record and lost points because it crashes during a battle. Not cool. I want credit for that battle.

Dwarves’ Fortitude still allows them to be devoured.

The arrows showed up this morning. I’m guessing I was having trouble downloading some of the necessary assets. Anyway, it works now. Yay!

Has anyone seen that when they log in after update on Android - it keeps asking to down load content again… and again… and again?

It seems to start downloading after the first installation upgrade which I did count six updates screens ,it seems to want to restart that process - and either aborts after the first one because the updating was done or what not.

I have noticed that I am still missing content of my troops but I figure like in the past they come when I use them or need to show them.

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Holy mother of God. When Sirrian mentioned changing how the game resolves blobs into matches, I figured it would be a small change.

I just took a 53-health Eternal Nobend Bros to 0 on a single cast of Hellcat, meaning my double Krakens fired off nine times at a minimum. The board was not completely red, and in fact I have seen boards more full result in fewer procs of Kraken’s third trait.

One thing I did notice was that the game hung for half a second before resolving all those matches. Was concerned that it had crashed before everything went crazy, Nobend style.

@Saltypatra, are you willing to email me an NDA and the rules for how the game resolves matches? I’d be curious to find out if I somehow triggered an edge case or if the hanging meant a multi-threading-related glitch occurred and my Krakens shouldn’t have tentacled quite so strongly.


I was facing a Humility-buffed Draakulis (stealing >100 health per troop on cast), I managed to web and entangle Draak. When all status effects wore off Draakulis was only stealing 34 health per troop per cast, but I didn’t catch what its magic reverted to, I was only surprised that I won

tl;dr - troop magic is maybe not reverting to pre-web levels after the effect wears off

Has anyone else encountered this with Web and magic boosts?

Yep, that’s exactly what I saw. Krakens should not hit multiple times for the same board event. Nor should any other trait triggered that way do the same. Definite bug.

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Just updated the OP with reports from this thread. I’ll be going through the support category on the forums in a bit and adding any that were posted there and not here.

I am the Paragon for my guild. I now see that the Sentinels give 0.00 points to higher-ranked guild members. While technically true (in that I have no higher-ranked team members to give points to), this message didn’t display in 3.0.

Edit: hey, I just noticed that the sentinels show the total bonus, not what their current bonus is.

I cant level up the soulforge at all… when I click the button to level it up I always get “out of sync with servers” error message… tried like ten times, always the same error.

We are working on a fix for the Soulforge issue now.


I’m having the same problem with my Listintira account. I get the same error. Since I have an active ticket I added this problem to it.

I’m away from home so the storm account is inactive so I can’t tell if that one has the same problem.

Do you have the game on computer or cell phone?

A fix for this issue has just been pushed out, so it SHOULD be fixed now…

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Let me check.

Edit, it looks like it worked.

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Hey, just looking for info or if anyone else has encountered this.

My main troop team was 9,400 power before the unity update and when it went live it dropped to 8,600 power.

If i set it as my defence team then the power is what it should be but it drops when i use it as an attack team.

Took this screenshot today as i was going to battle my own def team.

Any Devs help me out?

I submitted a ticket