3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


This is known and intentionally works this way at this time and is not considered a bug.


Intentional? Then the Bullseye description needs to be updated to reflect that. The trait says “15% chance for Skull damage to be lethal.” An entangled troop matching 3 skulls doesn’t deal skull damage.


The two screenshots I am attaching show an irritating oversight in the current UI design:

The “confirm decision” button should not switch sides in different dialog boxes.


Probably screaming into the wind, but any chance you want to edit that to be friendlier to the kids who browse this forum?


3 matches in, wth.


Retry corrected it at least.


Yeah i got it yesterday also but forgot to SS
On xbox

Edit: i was also able to reconnect on retry


So better then getting internal error.


Good luck tracking this one down: I just matched four red gems and three brown gems, and my Alchemist received six mana. By my count, he should receive at least eight, before banners, and at bare minimum seven (if I were foolishly using a -1 red or -1 brown banner). This was the first turn of the battle, so there is no way I lost anything in a cascade animation.

God, I wish iOS had a native video-recording option. I’ve had a couple of instances over the last week where a match-4 turned control over to the AI, but without video it’s hard to confirm that I didn’t accidentally switch the wrong gems in my motion.


Was this in one move?


Yes. It was actually the second move of a cascade. I matched three blue gems, and when they disappeared both the red and brown fell into place.


Still have the bug where a Guild War win is recorded as a loss at the end of the 5th battle. I won the 4th battle against the Champion and I had to play the same Champion again. The progress was 4/5 but only three Win checkmarks were present. Played the battle and won but recorded a loss.
It’s demoralizing when this happens, especially in Bracket 1. This is like the third time this has happened to me in Guild Wars since it started - it’s rare but sucks when it happens. GW is tough enough with the AI drop algorithm as is - being cheated out of a win just feels like a pile on.


I just opened some chests and the by-amount sort order wasn’t updated correctly (note the Cyclops):


The same happens when you level/ascend troops, they will show up in whatever their level/rarity was before leveling/ascension. PS4 has had this issue since as far as I can remember.

It should fix itself once you reload the game.


On PC, the horizontal scroll bar for kingdom challenges is wonky. The same scroll bar works fine in the store screens, but it’s real bad in the challenges menu. I have to drag left for the screen to scroll right. Once I get the bar to move away from the far left, I can grab and drag it normally.


Just had a fight against an Orbweaver hero. It spawned one Giant Spider during the battle, and a second when my Kraken devoured the hero (or the damage from Kraken somehow triggered the trait and caused it to proc after the devour?). At the end of battle, I was only awarded 5 souls, not the 6 (4 original troops, plus two GS spawns) I expected.


" I’ve had a couple of instances over the last week where a match-4 turned control over to the AI, but without video it’s hard to confirm that I didn’t accidentally switch the wrong gems in my motion."

This same issue has been happening to me quite a bit. I’m so glad you posted this as I thought I was just playing the game too much and imaging it.

I noticed the same issue…I don’t get a four match and the AI gets a turn. I’ve made sure that frozen was not active as there are many Queen Mab teams at the moment.


i went 4-1 but this shows me at 5-1 :thinking:


Same thing happened to me recently (on xbox)


The issue is still here from a couple of patches back on ps4. I have already reported it but it needs to be addressed.
Select the troop menu, press search and type the letters you require in the search box, press r2 when finished typing and triangle again before the text appears in the box will result in a never ending spinning loading wheel. Only a force close will sort it out.