3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


Very minor notification issue.

When crafting a Mythic troop it does not show up in the chat log.


I won but there is still a troop left


@Maxx Are you playing on 4X?


Yes I play on 4x for everything except GW.


This bug is primarily affecting 4X speed, and doesnt change the outcome of the battle. We will look into it, but if it is bothering you in the intrim (see what I did there?) we recommend playing on a speed other than 4X.


If it doesn’t affect anything then I’m not bothered by it


Tributes still do not show until a server request is sent (Guild or Mail menu for example).

I’m on IOS 11.0.2, iPhone 7


Is it a know bug that Draak doesn’t do damage against barrier, but still collects the life like he did?


Am I to understand that having enemy heroes in Arena use OP mythic crafting weapons to be the norm from now on? By the time I craft one of those you’re probably going to remove them. Really bites when things are tweaked in that mode and they are not listed in each of these updates. Like what other hidden factors are at work here where the enemy AI is there to destroy you by default in the first three to four rounds and loop the battle to no end? while we’re still stuck with choosing the same old pathetic group of cards incapable of getting any better? How about letting us use our own teams from now on like we can with Dungeons? That will solve it all.

btw the enemy Dwarven Miner is still capable of choosing skulls to hit my team with but I can’t do the same with my Dwarven Miner. How the heck did the devs screw that up?


Tribute still does not show up automatically on my iPhone. I have to hit the mail button and then go back to main screen before it will show up


Anyone know?


Not sure how you quote people on here. By wins counting as losses, did you mean in Guild Wars? I think someone created a thread about that on the forums in August and I’ve just had it happen today, in October on the Xbox One. I don’t see it on the list of bugs here though.


I’ve got this noted in the UI Issues list :slight_smile:


3 translations errors in the French version on Xbox:

  • Tuskar special power is written all in English
  • Doomclaw special power say “deal x damage to a troop boosted by enraged enemies” must be enraged allies (alliés enragés)
  • The daily task requiring to use 3 troops from Drifting sands: when I expand the daily task to full screen it says “use 3 troops from Wild plains” The correct kingdom that count is Drifting sands.


My Giant Toadstool is a fully traited mythic but when my Krystenax and Mab were turned in to one it was an untraited common


My guess is that your Toadstool was summoned by your enemy, and thus is subject to their stats (Magic, Toadstool rarity/traits)?


The way it works is that it actually uses neither. It just summons a level 12 Toadstool with no traits. (though Attack/Armour/Health are affected by guild/kingdom bonuses) If it used yours you would be disincentivised to level your own Giant Toadstool so that you wouldn’t give the enemy a boost when it did transform. And if it used the target’s Giant Toadstool then you could inadvertently buff the enemy by changing it into a level 20 Mythic Toadstool from whatever lowly level 1 Common troop it started as.


There is room in the text box; could you add “into a level 12 Giant Toadstool” to the spell description?

Also, I still need to check my mail before the tribute sprite appears. Was that supposed to be fixed on iOS?


That makes sense. Thanks @Ozball