3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


Please tell me the tactics to getting a 70 win streak, i’m over the moon at 20.


Okay that’s fixed it.

I’m yet puzzled / annoyed why:

  • PowerSaving mode got turned on when I installed the update - that wasn’t necessary, or transparent - maybe the patch notes should include a note that settings may be fiddled without telling you
  • my device runs fine on Mythic graphics setting so why did the update also reset it down to Ultra Rare? Either the reset does a blanket back to UR, or it targets based on the device - in either case it was wrong
  • why would PowerSaving mode - by definition supposed to improve stability - cause major stability glitches? That makes me concerned that it doesn’t work for those who actually neee it - one more for the bugs list


Here’s a fun bug. On iOS, if you tap the “purchase daily dungeon pack for $4.99” button, you lose the ability to push it again that day. Even if you back out of the purchase by hitting “cancel” instead of typing your password to authorize the payment.


That solved the issue, thanks @Ozball ! Although it took me a good fifteen minutes to realize you were referring to a Power Saving mode within the game settings, and not some hidden general battery saving option on the iPad :upside_down_face:


Thanks for noticing :wink:

Also worth adding that if this is the intended behaviour (as per apparent Console implementation) then this completely invalidates the ‘buff’ that the [Barrier] ability received a little while back, in that it will never be able to protect a unit from Kraken’s [Devour] (as the damage is now applied before the test for [Devour])

Whether that’s intended/balanced etc. I cannot say, but from a strategy perspective, that does limit one of the previously effective ‘counters’.



Impervious still seems bugged to hell in regards to mana burn.


I see that all the time in xbox. Looks like we are about to experience what we all saw with the old servers with these new servers.


Seriously, 17 matches this time. What does this even mean? So much for a streak any more.

That’s 1 way to make me lose.


I had this too. The System write you sometimes a lose in the statistic. For fun or so…


Can you provide more details on this? What platform is this on? Is it all Mana Burn troops? All Impervious troops?



One incident in GW today with plague, vs a mab team.

Not playing as much so not really inclined to investigate further.


Can you make sure you’ve updated the App through the Play Store? And if you have, what phone model are you using?


It automatically download something large this morning when I loaded the app, but update is showing in store now. Derp, likely the issue.


Had a battle where Draakulus cast against my team that had full Barrier up - the Barriers popped, I suffered no life loss but Draak still gained a bunch of ‘free’ life. Huh?


Think kraken devour is broken too. Last 6 games ai cast twice 100% success rate.


Just lost a GW match due to AI getting an extra turn on a 3-match. Their Mab cast mana burn, got her extra turn, chose a 3-match (no other matches; playing on 1.5 times so I can see these things), and then got another turn, followed by a skull match, of course. PC/steam.


So is not getting an extra turn on match 4 a normal thing now or what. I’ve played several games tonight and I’ve got a match 4 and no extra turn and no I wasn’t frozen.


At least we know where the extra turns are going/coming from…


Not sure whether it’s been mentioned before, but I’m not seeing these in the list at the top:

  1. When I ascend a troop to mythic, the entire history of the guild chat is cleared and I need to disconnect and reconnect to see it again.
  2. There are troops which I can trait but the green + isn’t showing in the top right corner.
  3. Sometimes when filtering troops, they all end up having the same image.

This is all on PC.


Entangle doesn’t stop a Hero Bullseye trait on a 3 skull match. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: