3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


Yes I’m seeing the same graphics lag on my iPad (it’s a new-ish iPadPro with 50+ GB spare memory, recently reset, no apps in background). Yesterday pre-update it was running GoW on max settings v smoothly. Just now I’m getting very weird display bugs as @SazanEyes describes…

@Saltypatra @Ozball

Watching it closely:

  • all the pop up text, enemy move circle indicator, damage animations etc happen after the AI turn board moves and mana collecting including those from my turn
  • I think the game is still doing the right things but very very disorienting and hard to play right now


This should really be listed here and be investigated…

Apparently it was mentioned 19 whole days ago and still nothing.


It seems like 4x speed is having issues. It looks like it’s not even showing many attack animations.


The kracken issue is a weird one indeed.
Pc players think its bugged while console players think its acting like how it should.

It’s doing exactly what the spell description says. Its always been like that on console since its release


When Kraken was first released, there was discussion over how its spell worked. The two big questions were (1) whether devour or damage came first, and (2) whether devour would occur if the damage killed the last troop.

The wording “Then” was a direct response by the developers to question number (1). I don’t recall a direct answer to (2), but I have to imagine it was intended to work like Emperor Khorvash, who didn’t stun additional troops if the damage killed the first two before the stun could be applied.

Kraken killing multiple units

I like how I’m likely the only one to try the “dungeon fights with 1000 life/armor/attack/magic” bug. Even more so that I won such a battle. :slight_smile:


Your crash log metrics on this issue have got to be insane.

I truly hate to become one of those entitled gamers who “knows best” but… I’m truly, truly confused as to why you weren’t able to ship a quick patch just for iOS for this weeks ago.

Set the frame rate down to 30 in the Unity OnApplicationPause(true) event and when OnApplicationPause(false) fire a coroutine to restore it after ~5 seconds. #if UNITY_IOS it to keep it iOS specific… this won’t make the situation any worse.


Introducing new time machine and see which opponent will be defeated in the future :smile:

update 20 mins later documents the credibility of the protocol:


Turning off Power Saving seems to have resolved most of the graphics issues. Did the update turn on Power Saving for iOS devices? I never had it turned on before.


Anyone else experiencing this?

I tried several times and nothing… Android


I’m getting that on Steam as well.


Ok so not just me then… Thanks @Ashasekayi


Running on an iPhone 7 Plus, graphics are very glitchy across all settings after the update. It’s almost unplayable. :frowning:


Same here on an iPad 2017, it’s really weird (and much slower) to play like this… Android phone is working properly, though.


My account has been lost, had to start again all words locked, I own a baby dragon and a hero weapon. VIP level gold and resources all gone. Hope 505 can retrieve it. anaoone else in global, or on here it seems as had the issue??


You should submit a ticket and post to support thread. They usually respond pretty quickly to these issues.


Use this link to file a ticket:


Can you try turning off Power Saving mode and let us know if it’s still happening?


That totally fixed it! Thank you!


Internal error just took my 70 win streak away, glad it wasn’t guild wars but still pretty salty. Give me gold back but not my streak, start over.

I don’t understand why this game bugs so much.

And guild statues still not correctly displaying timers.