210 weekly legendary tasks! But wait... There's more! πŸ˜€

Yes, I realize the title may be misleading to say weekly since it only happened one week for us.
But just congratulate AWR and be diplomatic. Any attempts to point out the fake news will just be construed as negative and unnecessary.

Oh, and we’re the ONLY guild on PC/mobile who competes for the top six in Weekly Trophies, Guild Wars, and Tower of Doom.

Have a nice day. :grinning::+1:


Which mythic troops?

Ubastet and Euryali

@Fleg did 200M himself once. Crazy loot.

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A guild member suggested that we save and go for 1 billion gold donated in a week.
The week prior to 210 we did 71 LT and the week after we did 62 LT.
I personally don’t see the reasoning to do a lot less LT each week just to save up for a huge LT week.
I feel like like donating 3 million, and then saving 1 million each week makes more sense.

Playing everyday 5 hours…what the hell…too boring for me

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