20% Guild Refund

Just a simple 20% gold refund for contributing to the guild you once belong to. At some point, when someone is kicked, or leaves willingly, or dissolves it as guildmaster to join another guild, it would be nice to not only take your trophies with you into the new guild but also some gold to contribute for your new guild.

Just a thought.

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They will never do that with gold. People will just contribute, leave, then reenter.

I think this could be exploited. Not trying to be a jerk, just a point.

Definitely exploitable. Would never be implemented.

Versions 2.1 and 2.2 are primarily focused on guilds, so even the trophy keeping may have exploits soon. There is also the problem that there are many people who have been in several guilds, of which the game has likely not been tracking the total across them all.

what is this trophy keeping?

I don’t think they should implement a refund. Guilds are a risk for everyone involved. When you join a guild, you risk not liking the people or how it’s organized. The guild owner risks new people being leeches. So, sometimes leeches will get free items, and sometimes a player will donate to a bad guild. Just the nature of the beast.


Plus you are already rewarded by the guild tasks for the gold you spend and now you want that back? Doesn’t fly for me.