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2 players from top 2 gw team looking for new home

Hi my husband and myself are looking for a new active Guild we have been members of les detestables for a long time and due to a falling out between other members the top two team has crumbled. We are very active in Guild Wars and put up over 40,000 points each he is level 681 and I am level 370 so if there are any Clans looking for 2 active players that contribute please let me know

Hi Queenie!

I’m recruiting for Phantomkiddz (currently Rank #19) and we’d love to have you aboard if you’re interested.

We’re a semi-casual guild, no drama or anything, mostly quiet bunch, but helpful bunch.

We’re looking for members who can provide : 400k+ gold, 1300+ seals, and 150+ trophies each week and are active in Guild Wars.

If you’re interested, drop me a message at GT : Demonitus



P.S. Just a note : I’m going out to do a bit of Boxing Day shopping today, so I might not get back to you until a bit later tonight. :smile:

That sounds great do u have room for 2 of us like I said its me and my husband we both contribute and love to play.
And it would be nice to be with people who speek English too lol our last clan was french. I will give u our invite info.
Queenie_2EOH and Lonewolf_KF8Q
Looking forward to meeting and playing with you all

Hi Queenie! It ends up I haven’t quite stepped out for the day, so I’ll invite both of you right now. : )

Just so you know, we have a few French speaking players as well, but the guild members are from all over the world. The majority speak English though. Merule and I run the guild together and switch off at times as GM. Merule is fluent in both English and French. : )

Looking forward to meeting and playing with you both as well!



Great thanks I don’t mind anyone speaking French or any language I just use my Google translator but it’s nice to know that I can communicate better with our players my old Guild they spoke purely French so we never knew what was going on invites accepted look forward to playing with you guys

Yep, no worries, that’s exactly what I figured you meant. : ) I have to do the same thing sometimes for our French players (pull out the old Google Translate), but if it still doesn’t give me the gist of what they’re saying (asking), Merule is easily able to translate for others. : )

Yep, I see you in the guild there. Welcome aboard! Like I mentioned in the chat, I’ll be able to answer any questions you have later tonight, or feel free to ask in the chat if you’d like an immediate response. I’m playing with a severely broken controller right now, so typing messages in chat takes me forever and is pretty frustrating.

Hence, the Boxing Day shopping. Going to get some new controllers. : )

Thanks and I hope you and Lonewolf have a great time in Phantomkiddz! :smile: