Anyone needing help next week xbox

Looking to help any guild needing help next week . Preferably a guild that isn’t in top 100 . I have 4 guilds myself but they are all full . This is my secondary account level 1230 . My in game name is Drax by the way . Invite code is GAMERDUDE_HDJF

Les détestables is trying to rebuild—pop in if you want to help recruit or give the handful of current members a hand!

Okay . What rank is the guild ?

144 I believe. Haven’t been on much today—and I know the GM is away on business for the weekend.

Would love some help Drax. How do I recruit good players that stay active. That seems very challenging we’ve been trying to build this guild for awhile now. I sent an invite if you want to checkout the guild. Me and a couple friends burned our orbs this week to get 40k seals…but its a rare event.

Was that to James Gang ?

Yea, I saw you hopped in for a few minutes but I don’t think anyone was around at the time.

Are you the GM ?

Yea, I just hopped in