2 competitive players looking for active guild

Our guild has been dying the slow death and the gw rank we chased for so long is down the tubes.

I would label us as balanced but competitive. We are married and play side by side so we are a package deal.

we do most all our guild challenges (i say most cause we have never quite taken too tower of doom but We imagine that will change with more active guildies) and we never miss guildwars (where in our old guild we always placed in the top 2 and that was when we had 27 active)

We are definitely looking for the guild that Goldilocks ate not too “PwnzElite” and not too “Hippy casual”

our old guild asked for aweekly tithe of 200,000 gold 1500 guild seals and 60 trophies but we are flexible as our weekly numbers tend to be higher in the gold and the trophy department

topwriter is level 1056 GT:topwriter72
Occam Razor (me) is level 949 GT: OccamsRazer

Ranking 27 os invita buscarme en chat 200 somos La Armada gremio español

Hi OccamsRazer and topwriter72!

I’m the guildmaster of Phantomkiddz and we can offer you a spot if you like. In fact, I have 2 open spots right at the moment if you’re interested.

Our requirements are : 400k+ gold, 1300+ seals, and 150+ trophies each week, plus full participation in all events. That would include ToD, but we have a great crew and complete all basic tasks and all stages of all events each week.

We’re ranked #31 on the Leaderboards for guilds and we’re semi-competitive, in that, we’d like all players to do their best, but we keep the requirements a bit low.

Anyways, if you’d like to join us, just look us up, or message me at GT : Demonitus

Hope to hear from you soon!

If you’re still looking for a guild, the Sultans of Surge would love to have you both! We are a bit less competitive than Phantomkiddz, but very active. We are currently rank 114, accomplish most weekly tasks, get 20k seals almost every week (sometimes 40 when we pool our orbs). Our only requirement is weekly guild event participation OR you can opt out of that if you contribute at least 300k gold and 1000 seals. If you’d like an invitation, let me know.