2.0 is Driving Me Stark Raving Mab


Ah Queen Mab! As Elizabeth had it, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I have a build question. But first a comment or two on she how kicks some serious faerie equus asinus.

Queen Mab shows up in literature now and again. And I find her fascinating. An example or two:

In Shakespeare’s classic (that I personally hold in contempt), Romeo (aka Gagmewithaspoon’eo) and Juliet: Mercutio, tired of Romeo’s fretful, lovesick grousing, uses the diminutive Queen Mab to show how utterly ridiculous his selfish nonsense is.

And are we not all tired of Romeo? First he wails and whimpers for Rosaline. Then snap, crackle, and pop, Rosaline is instantly forgotten and his scrawny, self-indulgent hollow heart obsesses over Juliet. I could go on. Romeo, I bite my thumb at thee. Suffice it to say that my favorite part of the play is when they off themselves.

But take note! Even in Mercurio’s speech, there is an inky blackness just below the surface, a dangerous side to Mab – something wicked this way comes, malevolent, and very scary. She is not to be trifled with.

Also, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files captures Queen Mab in all of her shattering glory.

In this series, she is the Queen of Air and Darkness, calamitous and catastrophic. She is a force of nature.

So what is the point of these musings?

I would sincerely appreciate some efficient team suggestions with her. The combinations do not necessarily need Glacial Peaks troops. In this case, theme is not important, effectiveness is.

There probably needs to be an engine pushing blue. So my first thoughts went to cards like Valkyrie, Venoxia, or Jackelope. But perhaps not?

I am not a huge fan of Sea Troll and Winter Wolf seems a little weak for what I am looking for. Maybe I am heading in the wrong direction? I might even need to visit my neighborhood purple pushers and fill the board with psychedelic purple pills to push her?

Anyway, I would certainly appreciate some theory crafting on some builds with her.

But tread carefully, even when Mab was a little girl, there were early signs:


This is my current butt kicking build:


It’s crazy powerful, not just because her ability is great, but because there is a good amount of control in it also.

It’s like playing a little bit faster but a little bit more glass control deck. I think it might be my second favorite deck ever.

It’s able to click the right most opponent on the pvp list and win almost every time. It even is able to crush goblins without having to sit through their annoying mega turns.


@Malkav, let’s get married. Sight unseen.

I love Queen Mab. (Well, before she inevitably gets nerfed, at least.) Here’s the team I’m using:


Jarl Firemantle***
Queen Mab***
Blue/purple banner.


The alternating fire and ice is a ton of fun, and because Mab freezes everything she sees, the impact of a Jarl misfire is greatly reduced.


You HUSH YOUR MOUTH! Let’s not get the ball rolling on nerf talk before the week is already out! There is NO REASOn to nerf her.

< /happy banter >


Hey, we love ourselves our nerfs here.



Nerf nerfing!



I love her too!
Played quite a bit with

red+2 Banner (or green)

Its fun and very flashy! Gems disappearing and exploding everywhere.
Marilith is up in 2 red matches (or red+green, if one surges). From then on it is mostly spells.
If Tessarion gets up at some point, you can do the dreaded Mab with 10+ blues on board into Tessarion on blue into Mab with +5 to magic!


Never before has the term glass control deck been used to describe a team with a Gorgotha in it :stuck_out_tongue:


My only loss so far this week was to a Mab team that managed to freeze my entire lineup and I couldn’t escape in time. I hate Frozen.


Yes, but I say Nay to Nerfs!

/Rant on/ [NOT for the feint of heart]

I confess that this is one of my pet peeves on this forum. People have learned that if you one off a quick NERF X, MY MAN FEELINGS HURT post, you get a lot of attention and a zillion replies. Then “important people” weigh in on why “nerfs” promote balance. Then, of course, people suggesting that the troop not be nerfed, get railroaded, mocked, tarred and feathered, and accused of being a Nazi. This is followed by the inevitable break out of “math” to prove that nerfing troop X is politically correct and then BOOM, we all board the crazy train…

/Rant off/


Personally, I think that the next time someone suggests that we nerf a troop, we solve it the old fashioned way: either with pistols at dawn or we form battle lines and fight it out thusly. I call Winter Soldier!


I’m expecting her to get nerfed. I’m considering buying the pack so I can unlock her 3rd trait, but I don’t want to be out real $$ when the nerf hits.

I’m running:
Hero*** (Priest) - Staff of Astra -Healer Perk

It’s a bit slower than some of the other builds, but works on letting Arcane (on an AOE) grow to obscene levels.


Queen Mab is awesome!

Hero***(Sorcerer Class) Warlord Battlecry
Queen Mab**

So much fun.


Too late for me, I had to get the pack to get her third trait. And I had little choice, I mean it is Mab. I do hope you are wrong though.

I keep trying to make this work with other teams, too. But I do not have the third Priest trait which probably helps.


Would you people stop talking about nerfs. Heavends to mergatroids, you would think you all WANT the nerf bat to come out.



Everyone who calls nerf to mab is hiding her behind gorgotha. I do not think she needs a nerf. if you can’t put and keep her in the first slot then you should not be calling nerf. My goblin can take her one on one so whatever everyone else is thinking just remember, if a troop loses to a common then that troop is not overpowered.




If a troop can not stand on its own then it is not strong. A baby can crawl but unless it can run it will always lose to a turtle.


I don’t know of one single troop in this game that can stand alone. Maw, maybe, if you get lucky, but otherwise I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

It’s possible to be overpowered without being standalone. Black Lotus in MtG was OP, and you couldn’t win the game with just that card.

To be sure, I don’t think Mab is OP. I just don’t agree with your blanket generalization.