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10x souls return for Valkyrie is a problem

Must say it could be cool to add some soul farming on other troops too.

I mean, some troops doesn’t get magic levels because nothing in their spells can/should scale. Why not add in a little resource gain scaling with magic?

I’d certainly try something around soothsayer with no Valkyries involved if it earned me a couple souls everytime I fire it !


Troops that have 0 Magic, so Soul generation would up usage.

Black Beast (Even 1 soul for the creature he just ate would be nice.)
Cockatrice (Already a pretty decent troop, but still listing it anyways.)
Dire Wolf
Keeper of Souls (Lets be honest, this makes way too much sense to not generate souls.)
Nymph (Give her something to work with here!)
Poison Master
Soothsayer (Might be slightly OP what with it powering itself and already being useful.)
The Silent One
War Sphinx

Troops that could use Generation of some sort 'cause they suck for their rarity.
Dokkalfar (12+ Souls along with a crappy summon seems fair to me.)
Elwyn (It’s not repetition if it’s true.)
Nymph (^^^)
Salamander (Unfitting? Sure. But is it ever used for it’s purpose?)
Skeleros (Anything would be nice for the counter-intuitive skull generation. Just throw him a bone here!)


Keeper of souls has necromancy trait…

Even when farming souls you need a troop to eventually deal some damage, unless youre playing low difficulty where you can just outlast the enemy team with simple skull attacks. And Keeper fills that role very well. It gives you damage and its trait gives you souls…

As for the suggested troop list that could be turned into soul generators:

How about Peasant gave you some souls when he dies. I mean peasants are really just cannon fodder arent they? You could use him as a meat shield in the first slot while youre charging up abilities on your bottom troops and when he bites the dust you get few souls for his brave sacrifice.

Lamia is another instance of never used troop. The ability doesnt do much damage unless youre lucky to hit exactly the right target and even then, youre probably better off just attacking yourself. Her ability could be slightly tweaked that she gives you some extra souls if the enemy kills a teammate as a result of her ability.

You dont really need to make too many of these changes… but some alternative to valkyrie would be very welcome.

The idea of peasant giving souls on death cracks me up. I love it.

So does Valkyrie. And they’re both transformers!

Robots in disguise!


Personally I think KoS is powerful enough as he is without adding additional soul generation, though thematically it would make sense. But many of the others listed above, I agree with. It would be so nice to have some variation in farming builds! And if you could have a whole team of soul generators, even if each only provided one or two per cast…

And the Peasant - it does make sense. I mean, check out the look on his face, you can tell it will just suck the soul out of you if he stares too long…

i do soul farming separate from my pvp. i do about 10 matches of pvp and then do 10 of soul farming. i soul farm in the kingdom where i need the arcane stones for the traits im trying to unlock. So a typical thing looks like 5 pvp with dragon armor on normal and then divinion fields with celestial and on warlord 1 for 5 times with an alchemist, 2 valk, hero (with blue/yellow soul weapon) (garnering 110 souls and around 200 gold a battle)

I would wager that you’ll find Lamia used much more frequently now that Arcane Blood traitstones are raining cats & dogs this event week.

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Yep. Seen several teams with 1 Empowered Lamia and even a few 3 Empowered Lamia teams already.

What is the weapon of your hero named?

its the soul blade. its yellow and blue.

How do I obtain it?

I ran into dwaalkameel and his 3x empowered lamia 1x bone dragon. Whooped me .

air and water mastery at 40… Deal [6+Magic] damage to an enemy. Gain 1 Soul.

Also recently had a bout with this team. Lost the first time, beat them the second with I believe 1 troop left.
Dwaal, I hate your ingenious guts. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am reviving this necro thread. Has any found situations that the Necromancer’s class’s Ensoul to be a viable comparison to Valkyrie? Also, has anyone tested the unlikely chance that Ensoul works on defending? If it doesn’t work while defending, it is the first legendary trait that is useless on defends.

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I don’t believe it compares at all. When it comes to soul farming, Valkyrie is the prime choice. Necro is very underwhelming IMO. The highest I have received in souls is 60; and that’s on Warlord II. Higher stats and longer match. I do not know about receiving souls on defense though. I don’t use my hero on defense.

This is a very important thread for me. I hate using Valkyrie, and any other options would be great to have.


Yeah, there are a lot of combinations I’d love to try out… but when it takes 5000+ souls to cap out a legendary troop, getting 8 or 9 per match where I could be getting 56 or 70 is just unacceptable.