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Getting tired of Valkyrie

I’m lvl 290ish, I am missing about 9 troops in total and my kingdoms are typically between one and two gold stars.
Besides climbing to PvP tier one each week, I try to grind for arcane traitstones (to improve teams) and souls (mostly for kingdom power).

Explore really helped here as what I’m fighting changes each fight.

But efficiency forces me to use a team with valkyrie.
I actually have seven teams with valkyrie right now:

  • main pvp one
  • crimson bat
  • winter wolf
  • “water link”: templar, shadow hunter and druid
  • rowanne
  • winter wolf
  • hydra

And I’m not even listing the double mab team that is my pvp defense.

The problem is that they all feel similar: Fill valkyrie. Fire valkyrie. Fire blue using troop. Rinse, repeat.

There should be more troops available that can fill valkyrie’s role of soul generator…


There are some, but all of them only give 1 soul per instance… :frowning:

I believe @Kharybdys means the Necromancy Trait.

Unfortunately your only other options are;

Flesh Golem
Keeper of Souls

I started wondering about this recently. Why is progression stunted if I don’t use one particular troop? Teams with Valkyrie give ten times more souls than teams without her. Even if they made more troops with soul generation, it seems like you’re obligated to build teams around them in order to be able to level your troops in a reasonable amount of time.


It does feel wrong. At a phase of the game where experimentation is crucial, the game basically makes it impossible to experiment outside of a narrow set of teams that focus around one troop. In my opinion, tying increased soul generation of that degree to any one troop (or even small set of troops) is unhealthy, and I’m not sure why it’s allowed to persist.

I feel like the following changes would make Valkyrie feel nice-to-have instead of essential:

  • Reduce Valkyrie’s soul generation per cast to a fixed amount (say, 2) and remove her scaling with Magic.
  • Increase the soul amount per kill substantially to make up the difference.
  • Necromancy and other small sources of souls can stay the same.

I think this would also go a long way toward making Necromancer’s third trait feel less underwhelming.


I actually know about avina and the like, but the gap between what they do and valkyrie is huge. And valkyrie has the necromancy trait to make it even worse. The only reasonable alternative seems necromancer’s third trait but the cost to unlock that one is massive…


Perhaps the base amount of souls for killing a troop should be five or even ten (might want to scale with difficulty). Currently I’m fine with getting 40 out of an explore (one cast), 66 is nice (two casts) and 80 is thrilled (and my max).

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Removing Valkyries soul generation abilities is a terrible terrible terrible terrible idea. If youre tired of using her then just stop; the rest of us need those souls.

2 or 3 new troops with equal or greater soul generation would be welcomed


Scaling on rarity would be good

Common - 1
Rare - 2
U-Rare - 3
Epic - 4
Legend - 5
Mythic - 6

So defeating a team of fully ascended troops would be 24 base souls. Defeating an un-ascended smattering of Rares and U-rares would be 10. Then you tack on Necromancy, difficulty, armor, etc bonuses.


All of this has already been discussed a thousand times without Devs ever doing/answering anything about it I’m afraid…
One of the few things they seem to completely overlook :confused:

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Or that they feel is working as intended, but for reasons they don’t wish to disclose.

I am just saddened a bit every time I offer a team suggestion and someone replies with, “That sounds like fun, but it has no Valkyrie so it’s a no go for me.”


Only 7 teams with Valk? I have a team prepped for every single task on console, each with Valk except for the “4 from the same kingdom” and “4 of the same color” ones. I agree it is limiting and gets tiresome, but it’s the most efficient way to get souls while completing tasks.

You can probably use Valkyrie 15-20% of the time and you’ll run out of Troops to level by Level 700.

Source: My own damn experience in using Valkyrie about 25% of the time, ran out Troops to level at Level 525 and now have 140000+ Souls and counting (FAST).

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Do you use Valk in pvp too or? Just wondering because I’ve never really used Valk and it looks like I need to lol. I know the troop is good for souls though. Just couldn’t ever make a good enough team.

Agree Lyya. Hellcat works far better with Hydra and Crimson Bat than Valkyrie but the lure of souls is strong with that one…

I like your suggested changes. I was thinking that they could have all transformers generate a small amount of souls (2 or something). But I like soul generation being tied thematically to troops. So agree that she needs to be reined in to allow the other soul generators to be on par.

I used Valkyrie a lot Level 10-150 in every mode (about 75% of total battles)

Level 150-450 I only used her to farm, occasionally in PvP (about 10% of total battles)

Now it’s just down to situational use in PvP (about 3% of total battles)

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Try this team.

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I have a team that can win most games within 2 minutes and bring in between 50-90 souls (with VIP 10 and deathknight/celestial armors, VIP 0 brings in between 35-75 souls) there is a a bit of investment needed for this though (equivalent to a legendary dual mana troops 3rd trait).

The hero class “Necromancer”'s third trait grants a single soul with 4+ of a kind matches (2 souls with a 100% armor or 100% VIP level (3 souls for both))

This team is based around the hero weapon “Cresendo” I will list an alternative team in the event that this weapon is not available to you at the end.

“Green Giant’s Song”

Green/Purple banner

Alchemist (2)
Green Seer (x)
Giant Spider (2+)
Hero (Cresendo)(Necromancer)(Magic Perk)

Alchemist doesn’t overlap with any other troop so if he alone is frozen the remaining troops are unaffected, he can also cast his spell to power up Green Seer in a pinch. Green Seer fill up in just 2 unserged purple matches of any size (a total of +2 bonus for purple through Giant Spider’s magic link and the purple banner for 5 mana on 3 of a kind purple matches) and can start the loop for which the team will win. Giant Spider fills on the green that Green Seer produces and produces purple for him in return. The over fill from either troop in this loop goes to the Hero’s Cresendo which will deal a rather decent chunck of true damage to the entire enemy team. As early as its 2nd cast but typically no later then its 3rd cast it will also net an extra turn as it starts picking off enemy troops, after the first troop falls the others usually go in the same turn (except in special circumstances).

With all of the conversations the 1, 2, or 3 souls per 4+ of a kind quickly add up and if anything it adds a change of pace for the game. (Note that even more souls can be gained in casual/explore/challenge modes via Difficulty bonuses)

Pro: looping team with true damage… Nuff said
Con: Frozen (Damn Mab to Hell)
Pro: color control
Con: Frozen
Pro: Spider dorks make Alchemist disposable
Con: Frozón
Pro: loop plays around Bone Dragon’s 3rd trait
Con: not Mab’s
Pro: wins most games within 2 minutes
Con: I can’t stress the frozen thing enough
Pro: actually that’s just about the end of it
Con: Frozen again (I had one more left in me :wink:)

Obtainable Necromancer team

“Green Giant Boar”

Green/Purple banner

Hero (Necromancer)(Mang)(Magic Perk)(3)
Green Seer (x)
Giant Spider (2+)
Boar Rider (x (3))

This team will most often do 3 different at a very high consistency:
1: win against any team once the loop is opened
2: hit the soul cap, and,
3: take forever to win (ok so like 4-5 minutes but ain’t nobody got time for that)

The setup is the same as th last team but if you cast Green Seer and none of your troops are frozen and you don’t win that same turn, your likely not playing the team right. If you do get stuck (maybe this happens in 4-5% of games) cast Mang for what amounts to “True damage” (as it strips armor and deals damage) and the the attack boost (usually between 15-35 depending on the team) and then loop your team so that skulls cascade (once I won a game with this team in under 2 minuets which left me astounded.

Mang can be unlocked I think by having 40/40 in your brown/red mastries but I may be wrong, if so please remind me as its been sooooo long since I unlocked it

This is a good starting point and I’d be all for it. The following changes should also be taken into consideration:

Necromancer - Gain an extra Soul on 4 or 5 Gem matches. >to> Gain 2 extra Souls…

Avina - Gain 1 Soul per cast >to> If the troop dies, gain 10 Souls.
Keeper of Souls - Transform Gem into Skulls + Gain [Magic] Souls boosted by the number of Gems transformed. [2:1]
Sacrificial Priest - Sacrifice an Ally + Gain 1 Soul. (Thematic perpouses)
Spirit Fox - Deal [Magic+1] true damage (+ gain Souls), and remove all (Yellow >to> Blue or Purple) Gems to boost the effect. [2:1]
Sunweaver - Ally also gains 6 Mana + Gain 6 Souls.
Zombie - Remove all skulls. Gain [Magic+1] Life (+ Souls), boosted by Skulls removed. [2:1]

Throw these additions in and I’d be one happy camper.
There really very little point to having only one effective souls generator. I can finish a match with Valkyire in under 30 seconds (if I’m lucky) in Explore mode, and come out with 45 souls richer or so. Keep soul generation to troops that extend game time and there shouldn’t be any complaint of difference in the outcome, other than more teams to run.

Also, the reason for the Spirit Fox change is because, as a Mercy counter, Manticore is wholey superior. So give the little guy an alternative purpose, like countering Mab (which Manticore is also better at).