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Souls need a rebalance

Want to level a troop ?
Then prepare to use Valkyrie , Valkyrie Valkyrie Valkyrie Valkyrie and more Valkyrie .
How about instead we lower the number of Souls needed to max a single troop?
Just got blighted lands troops and now need an extra ten thousand Souls to max then.
How about instead we lower the number of Souls needed so some less intense players can keep up?


Actually just do challenges or arena for souls. Seriously 500 souls for 8 battles or was it 1000, i can not remember and someone will correct me if i am wrong.

Arena battles take more time than Valkyrie matches for equal or less amount (which doesn’t strike me that hard).

However, we definitely need more troops that generate more than 2 souls per cast. And if I recall right @Sirrian said that they’re working on something regarding souls.


Using Warlord IV on every battle, 100% soul armor, and VIP 5+ with capped Valk casts in every fight netted me roughly 8575 souls for clearing out a kingdom. Clearing out every challenge in the game using this method will get you 205,800 souls. Of course, about 117,600 of these souls would be from just using Valk in the fights themselves. The actual “bonus” souls for first time challenge clears across all stars amounts to 150 * 7 * 24 * (your soul modifier), which with these numbers would be around 88200. While all that might sound nice, keep in mind that it usually takes around 25-35k souls total to reach a 3* in a given kingdom, and over 1.3 million to level all current troops to max, a number that grows every week. Clearing new challenges, even with full soul bonuses and added VIP bonuses, barely puts a dent.

Arena’s soul reward is not high enough to be viable for “farming” souls, especially once you have hit two ascensions on Valk and have level 10 in every magic kingdom, where Valk farming becomes much faster.

The official word was they were working on something for this issue, though. The best idea pitched from the playerbase was raising soul rewards based on the current rarity of the killed troop, bringing the baseline reward for full mythics up to about 50-60% of the cap without using Valk. Hopefully they will do this and not just add generators, which would still be very restrictive in the teams you’d be willing to play with if you wanted to progress.


They can’t change the amount of souls needed because everyone who’s already used them… well they’ve already used them. Going through and refunding basically everything ever spent is a hassle.

Changing (improving) ways to get souls, sure.


Hmmm… Honestly i wouldn’t be upset if they lower the souls required for leveling troops since i already collected the benefits of spending these souls one way or another.
But well, i agree that it would be a safer bet to increase/improve the ways to get souls.

Of course, lowering the souls required really wouldn’t harm us much seeing as we can’t use them for anything else…

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Just put the “Valkyrie” effect on some troops that make sense, like KoS or Sacrificial Priest.

This would still require you using one of the generator troops to make any progress. This alone won’t be enough. Baseline rewards for battles (and pretty much any other source) are simply far too low being at 10% what you could earn if you include a Valk. Opting for say, half the normal soul progress using non generator troops, rather than 10%, would be enough so that people wouldn’t feel they had to use Valk to make progress at all… it would still be slower without Valk, but not so devastatingly slow that you couldn’t branch out and use whatever team you wanted without feeling like you are hitting the pause button on progress. Sure, just adding more generation options would give you an exponentially more number of viable choices for soul progress than before, but you’ll still be pigeonholed into using a generator of some kind for the majority of your gameplay if the souls per battle without a generator remains at 10%.

Having a baseline rarity increase coupled with maybe some alternation generation options (and the fact that the Necromancy trait without Valk would be actually be useful given a baseline increase) should bring things in line nicely.


If only we had a valk for every color, but then it would make other troops useless, such as giant spider or green seer to name 2.

I like the idea some people floated earlier about having a graduated scale for troop rarity/difficulty or something.

4 base souls per battle is too few.


Wouldnt they need to refund souls if you wouldnt have anything to use them on?

I think youre right though. New ways to earn them is a great idea; could be new troops that generate them but id also like the cap per match to increase. If they increase the cap then the deathknight armour also increases in worth… which means more sales

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Turn treasure maps into universal mini-game-tokens, add a mini-game that focuses on souls as primary reward, easy!

e/ you can say whatever you want about valkyrie, and being “forced” to use her. But even if she lost the souls part, she’d still be in my mab team, my EK team and other blue-mana using teams, because she’s the damn blue mana generator heh. The issue is not valk, the issue is the lack of +souls on other mana generators, like alchemist, or hellcat.