1000 Glory open or not open

I have 1000 glory open 50 chests or not open. That is the question :relaxed:

I did that several times when 1.0.8 initially came out, but it seems to be better to save them for the best glory pack each week. I normally buy about 10 weapon packs and 16 troop ones each week. Sometimes I go for even more than that if it is a good epic traitstone in it. 50 glory keys would only be better if your rares and ultra-rares aren’t mythic yet.

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Save it for the Arcane Traitstones in the glory packs.

I opened a couple of the 1000 glory key packs, and it never seemed worth it.

I only buy those if I have 1400, so I won’t miss the next event pack.

As much as I remember from my previous opening session of about 50 glory keys I got 1 ultra rare, 2 runic trait stones and a lot of green level stuff. If your luck matches mine you are probably way better off buying glory reward packs instead.