100 writs per deed is ridiculous

Don’t forget we just got our 16th Delve released this past Friday, while maximum delve attempts per day is still 3 across all delves! And that’s extra hilarious because one of the programmers on the last preview stream for 4.7 actually thought it was 3 attempts per day per delve and had to be corrected by chat, who all thought maybe it was an exciting change coming in the next patch. Lol… nope.

This is why people dump ungodly amounts of gems into delve release weekend so they can max out the delve to 2500 with unlimited attempts and potions, because every time a new delve comes out, the 3 delves per day limit makes it harder and harder to catch up to 2500!


Yeah I don’t understand this, they are basically Kingdoms, why are they limited?
I wish they unlocked that so you could do them unlimited times or at least 10-100x/day.

Delves take so so long to just complete 1 of them, especially at higher levels. =(
It makes doing them so aggrivating, espeically if you want to try to finish one but you can only do it 3x in a day, then the next day I just am not in the mood to continue anymore since they take so long.


I’ve seen you say this a lot, and it just feels like a little bit of a mischaracterisation, which I don’t think actually helps any discussions on the subject. Maybe some people know you don’t mean it literally… Idk.

There is 3x the amount of gold able/required to be spent on tasks with pre-defined rewards before LTs become available. Basic guild tasks cost exactly the same.


It now costs us 3x more gold to get to LT’s.
For guilds who try to do everything this is a lot!
Not so (epic) tasks are of lesser value than LT’s.

Anyways this is the wrong channel for that, this topic is writs.
100 writs for 1 deed (color).
1000 writs for 1 imperial deed.
:roll_eyes: ridiculous

I could maybe see 10 writs = 1 deed and 100 = 1 imperial.
But this is really nickle and diming us by making currencies into pennies of original currencies.

I am really not feeling the Christmas spirit this year.


I agree. Which is probably why many guilds will ignore most epic tasks during non wars weeks, particularly when you take into account that if you do complete every epic task every week it inhibits your own capacity to generate gold in eg pvp as a consequence of your high team score. I struggle to see value by sinking gold into ETS for most of the month, so I won’t. 100 writs per deed is obscene.


And if most guilds ignore the not so ‘epic’ guild tasks, which I’m sure the dev’s can see in their analytics, then I still stand by my argument about them in the other 3 thread’s that this is discussed about.

First and formost, it’s too expensive and at most should cost 15.6mil the same as the normal tasks.
I really resent the fact that I am being forced to do them at all in order to get LT’s,
especially since they are not equal but of lesser value than an LT.

I think this game is almost pay to win now at this point.
Which reminds me I have to go edit my review.


Indeed. Plus most high level players will no doubt be swamped with a deluge of arcanes that they just don’t need. With the exception of keys (which we ruined for ourselves by removing them as specific red epic rewards into a varied epic task distribution after broadcasting our avoidance strategy) none of the ETS are worth anything. The writs are a joke, as are pet food, ingots and all the rest. The company have been trying to nerf resources of use with vigour for some time. They hoped delves would sink gold but they made the cost so extreme it’s outrageous. They then shot themselves in the foot by giving potions and players sidestepped the gold sink in favour of an event gem sink. So they bagged gems instead of gold and this is the next stage of the plan…gold. until we all have no gems or gold to play with, these extreme nerfs will continue to escalate. No fun at all for the gamers. Plus, by nerfing pvp so radically, people will avoid it and thus lose glory that can assist on mythic weeks as well as “buying” the weekly glory troop. We are getting shafted from every direction and I really feel for the guys who invested significant cash. They’ve introduced troops named after the deadly sins and they are guilty of them all. Greed in particular.


While I agree with the first part (regarding more attempts), the second half is technically incorrect.
You have three delves per day and need to successfully complete 49 floors which are 16.3 days worth of tries.
If you were to count new delve releases (9 sigils plus ravens) you’d have more than enough room to theoretically finish one faction without spending gems.

17 days to finish 1 delve? :roll_eyes:
There’s quite a few delves, so that’s over a year to finish them all…

Indeed. Those players who didn’t (or couldnt) add delves to their daily ‘to do list’ may have fallen behind to varying degrees. 17 days is the minimum, providing of course you win each fight (not much chance of that for lower level players). So, potions provided an escape route as long as you had the gem stash and/or cash plus a ridiculous amount of free time to put your boredom threshold to the test. This is the only route to catch up with delve renown if you neglected delves in the first place. And it’s gonna cost you. The grind of this mode was clear from the start so despite my dislike of the event I’ve done my delves daily and have renown of about 33k. I’ve only maxed mirrored halls because that’s the only time I’ve had the gems and time to endure the pain of a 3 day grind. Luckily one day the introduction of new factions will end and those currently behind will be able to eventually catch up if they choose to do so.I would hate to be in that predicament.

I’ve only got three maxed delves - and they’re only maxed from a “finished level 500” stance. I haven’t touched the faction-specific teams.

Delves are fundamentally flawed. They’re a huge Gold sink, which I’m sure was intended, but I just don’t put enough time into the game to constantly pump Gold into my treasure hoards plus contribute to my guild, so delving is what gets cut. It costs me a few stat points from having lower Renown but I stopped caring about that a while ago. I doubt I’m the only one. It stinks from a completionist mindset to be so far “behind” but I refuse to throw the amount of money at this game that I’d need to in order to stay “competitive/current” with the amount of time I choose to play.

I totally get your opinion and am sure that many are equally exasperated about this game mode that you correctly identify as “flawed”. But it is deliberately flawed because no rework has ever been introduced following input from the community shortly after the mode was launched. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s a gold sink (although that was most likely the intention) ;if that strategy had worked we probably wouldn’t have epic tasks. When I said “maxed” I meant faction renown 2500; but my average horde is 101 so all regular delves are doable with standard troops (yasmine pride and ketras are highly effective in relevant colour factions, ubastet also does well etc). I refuse to invest beyond horde 100 because the sink is colossal to make the necessary stat gains. Level 14 Kingdom power redressed the balance somewhat but it’s a feeble offering to counter these ludicrous high stat teams with extremely poor troops. I totally understand why many such as yourself had to prioritise other modes. Delve is a kick in the guts for all of us and the company have complete disregard for the unhealthy amount of play it demands, particularly during events.

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Why didn’t they just let us trade maps 100 to 1 for deeds


I’ve actually found them to be quite the opposite, one of the fastest ways to earn gold and other resources. You just need to invest 500k gold as initial setup cost, you get that back many times over, for a few minutes spent each day.

What is really flawed is the delve specific reward table. We need to clear the delve at max level with a pure faction team to max the pet that would help us clear the delve with a pure faction team. I’d love to hear Sirrian explaining the design decision behind that one.


Yeah, I don’t understand the reasoning behind that either. I also don’t understand how we’re supposed to clear level 500 with a pure faction team at all outside of a delve event, unless the entire point is to try getting the players to pump absurd amounts of Gold into their hoards for the stat increases.

I’ve been very slowly raising my hoards to 100/10 for the Renown/chest bonuses, but I don’t grind millions of Gold per week, and my guild is now one of the “lucky” ones gated behind (un)Epic Tasks, so it’s harder than ever to divert what Gold I do get from something that can help my guild.

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We are not supposed to. At least not now, except for very involved players. In a year or three, with all kingdoms at upgrade level 20 and power level 30, super pet evolutions, platinum troop masteries, guild training ground buffs and hero power hats it will be a cakewalk.

That sounds like you don’t raise them efficiently. If you pay more than 500k gold to get a hoard to 100/10 you are paying too much. And you usually get that gold back just running the free sigils on faction release weekend.

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I raise them following a spreadsheet on what treasures to use for max cost efficiency. It comes out to around 350k investment per faction, I believe. Every now and then I get impatient and go off the plan, but I probably follow it 85%+ of the time if you want an estimate.

I still don’t grind a ton of Gold per week. Between regular play, a little grind, and tribute collection I probably accumulate right around a million per week, and I’ve been giving a million per week to my guild for quite some time now. The only way for me to get more Gold is to spend more time on the game than I already do, and honestly, that has been a challenge lately.

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Considering new factions being released while conquering old ones, it is.
But (I assume) you aren’t starting at 0 renown today. And new players aren’t playing them as a main concern to reach a higher goal.
This is absolutely ok to set long term ‘motivation’, at least as in - something to achieve if you like the gameplay mechanics. It’s meant to be mid-high Level content, not to deter away new players at the start of their journey.

Anyways, I’m derailing the intend of this post.

oh yay. 2 days of 10 writs… 8 more of these and I can get 1 color deed if I’m willing to waste 1,000 souls and 100 colored jewels.

… Whose idea was it to have the Ultra Rare writ Adventure board be so underwhelming? Its almost worse than nothing at this exchange rate…


I hadn’t even paid attention to that part of the recipe. I won’t be crafting any of those then. I don’t even have enough jewels for pet food anymore. Or weapons in the soul forge because I wasted jewels on pet food…

At least I won’t have to waste them on Deeds. Thanks Devs.

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