100 writs per deed is ridiculous

100 writs per deed is ridiculous. Writing Writs 1 just won me ten writs, which I would have to do ten more times to get a single deed. 1000 writs per imperial deed? :roll_eyes:

Even if we got TEN times as many writs so I could craft one deed, it still costs 1000 souls and 100 colored stones.


I mean, are we surprised? When’s there ever been a low-end resource that converts up to a high-end resource with a rate that isn’t clearly designed to be a massive sink?


Incoming less Deed tasks on average on the daily board now that we have Writs to slow them down.


Yep, it’s a nerf really, it’s adding another currency into the random roll, but at the same time it’s so limited in value due to the conversion rate that it’s borderline pointless really (as has been pointed out in other threads)

Sadly, here we are again with ‘in one hand giveth, the other taketh away’. Given 'Deed’s in Epic Tasks and ‘Writs’ in Epic Tasks and ‘Writs’ in the Adventure Board while not compensating for additional resource potential by removing something from AB.

I probably could live with low volume writs, if they removed something - like the minor traitstones down at the lower end.


Nah that can’t be. Back when I was saying AB was a bad thing, all the people on the forums told me I was dumb and we’d only get more and more stuff. So this has to be good.




Writs are an expensive middle finger from the devs. Absolutely hilarious but shameful BS in the extreme.


Don’t worry, I’m sure that the next update will include Ink and Paper rewards, so we can start writing our own Writs… :rofl:


Writ’s in the adventure board, 100 for 1 deed.

Great, something that I can skip daily. :joy:


before 4.7… we get deeds directly from AB… now … we have to fight 10 daily quests of writs and spend some more jewels to get ONE deed.

yep this is a middle finger for all GoW players



The writ AB task is in addition to current deed AB tasks. Adding them to AB has no affect whatsoever on deed task appearances as there were no ultra rare deed tasks for the writ task to reduce their appearance of (though the writ tasks will occasionally replace other ultra rare tasks of value but mostly gold/traitstones/soul ultra rare tasks - yes please! Can I have another??).

So your logic as explained here as to why writs are a middle finger is faulty. Rather it’s 1 more (very slow) way to obtain extra deeds over time.

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remember writs are also in epic green task

You guys keep spelling “Ritz” wrong.

But that logic is also partially faulty.
We don’t know whether it’s diluted just the ultra rare? pool of ABs, or whether it’s diluted the pool of all ABs.
As in, Does it pick a rarity first, then decide what appears, or does it pick a random board from all possible rarities.
Considering the “Exploit fix” I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the latter and it is indeed diluting entire drop table.

Are we Ritzing writs wrong?

Moreover, “Writing Writs 1” indicates there are higher rarity Writs tasks, and we don’t know what was adjusted for those (realistically, it seems unlikely that it would be Deeds or Gems, but who knows?).

According to the patch notes, Writs 1 is all there is.

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Ah, my bad, ty.

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We don’t really know that. Back when they added deeds to the adventure board, they significantly increased the rate of traitstone tasks showing up. It’s quite likely that the current rework has an effect on tasks in other rarity tiers, especially since the details are being kept secret.

writs are 1/100th of a deed, ridiculous

tasks now cost 3x more & we have a pvp gold nerf

Merry Christmas! :roll_eyes:


Bingo. You nailed it. Writs are usually bad news from the legal eagles. Writs here are also bad news.

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