100 Magic Keys opened



I opened 100 Magic Keys today and that’s what i got:

124 Common
57 Rare
96 Ultra-Rare
19 Epic
4 Legendary (Behemoth; Gorgotha, Behemoth, The Silent One)

100 Magic Keys and just 4 Legendaries…

i don’t know what to say… >___<

Probabilities in 1.0.7

4/300 = 1.33%, considering its about 2.4, consider yourself unlucky, the average is about 7, so you missed out on 3… given that the rate is about 2.4% from magic keys.


yes, i know.

but i have to say, that i got two legendaries (Behemoth and The Silent One) with one key. maybe that took all the luck i had for that day. XD