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-1 trophy need some sort of different update

I have a guild in top 5.and the worrying thing is.If I had somebody join my guild. By invite or not.then they decide to -1 TROPHY while I am in work…in 8 hours they can retreat big time.

Be careful who you invite.

Seriously there’s nothing you can do about it if someone wants to sabatoge you but that’s highly unlikely.

Anyway this changes in 2.0 PvP where trophies can no longer be lost and in fact can be gained at a ridiculous rate.

Sounds cool.any idea on when this update is coming.

Updates on this scale are on average every 3 months.

Speculation: if Glacial Peaks was included in the last update, then next update won’t likely be until October. If it wasn’t included, then the next update may come sooner. We’ll know either way come September.

Thanks for that.great stuff.

You’re welcome. Anytime.

I’m really hoping they implement their plan on console to ‘catch up’ sooner rather than later. I really want to play the new Explore mode.

I think there’s method in there madness lol.roll the game out slowly stop people getting bored.I only played this game to get 100 per cent trophys.then move on.that was last November. All my other games are outdated now lol.


This type of sabotage is fixed in the combat update. When xbox/ps4 gets it whenever that is you be one of the many few that has had their wish (feature request) fulfilled.

Happydays thks killerman

It was not a really well complained about feature of the combat update but it was something us guild leaders noticed. Enjoy yourself.