[1 SPOT]Are you a great player, but tired of Guild Wars?

Your comment is uncalled for and also wrong.
This is a recruitment thread, Eika has every right to keep bumping his own post.
@Kafka SilverStream post in this thread should probably be removed as well as my reply

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Hi @SilverStream,

I understand what you try to say, but this topic is made in Dec 2021 by @Eika for recruiting players and involved people to join their discord chat so its an advertising post from the maker of this topic so even you dont like the repeat it is uncalled.

I think you must look to your settings coz I dont have to scroll to last post I start by last post and must scroll upwards for earlier reactions and I have a visual disorder so reading with my special software still makes that topic’s from long ago are heavy to read for me, but that is a personal problem and cant make that a problem here :wink:

You have always the choice if you want to read a topic or not and if you want to join this guild coz so far as I know is this the only guild/discord recruitment here and this is a pc/mobile requirement
So with your Switch you cant play in this guild.
Im a PS4 player but being active here is for me personal not possible by PS4/TV and do that with my special software / laptop
So this topic I read coz Im interested but cross play between platforms isnt possible, so I cant join a pc/mobile or Xbox or Switch guild.
So in fact not necessary to read for me.

@Kafka I have post this message to explain @SilverStream I agree with @Mariana that those message dont belong here and mine can delete as well.


Hi @SilverStream . I’m sorry that you’re having difficulties. I will send you a pm and help you adjust your settings if you’re still needing help.

We will most likely have a spot or two open later this week. Do not hesitate to join our Discord channel. Come chill with us. :blush:



Now is your chance to join us.

Come see us at:

Come and chill with a great group of people today. :coffee: :cookie:

We may have 1 open spot this weekend! Come see us at our Discord for more Information.