1.08. What I think and what I'd like improved. (long)



It’s the patch we’re all talking about.
Overall, I’m happy with it. Yes, I earn less gems per day, etc.
I was extremely worried before it came in. I felt like all the elite players were just so rich and stocked up that I was about to be steam rolled, but until today I barely lost a single PVP match.

But there are some things I think could be discussed and / or improved, and there are so many quality of life improvements that I want and need. Here’s my overall list. It’s basically everything in the game.


The new art isn’t bad but it’s a little bland compared to 1.07. I wish the level shield of the kingdoms turned gold once my kingdom got to level 10. Then I could count how many 10s I have, and have a better overall view of what’s going on.
It would also look prettier.

Kingdoms interface

I like the tabs of the Kingdom interface. I think they make sense and hold the info I need, with the following exceptions.

  • Lore. I can’t believe I’m asking for more Lore. What I’d like in the Lore tab is everything that’s there now plus the ability to see the troops cards from this kingdom (just their name cards / art, but also their level). I would like to quickly see from my Kingdom tab which troops belong in which kingdom. If I don’t have them, they can be greyed out.
    This would help me make decisions like "Is it worth levelling up these troops to try and hit the next power rank?"
    I could also make thoughts the same as from the troops menu, but sometimes I feel like I need to check that stuff when in the kingdoms tab. It happens, ok? I’d like this.

  • I would also like a left and right arrow when in the Kingdoms interface so that when I click an arrow, I change to the next kingdom, but remain in the same tab. The order of kingdoms can be alphabetical, chronological, geographical - i don’t really mind. I just want to stay in the kingdom interface until I’m finished doing my kingdom stuff.

PVP Menu

When I click PVP, I have three options: Invade, Revenge, and Defenders.
I want one more option: Change Difficulty.
Also, I’d really like if this screen was slightly interactive with my map - showed how much gold I have, and two more things:
I’d like to be able to collect my kingdom income directly from this screen, and
I’d like to see an exclamation mark on the Revenge button when I’m attacked, and use the revenge button to collect the rewards before progressing to battle.

Basically, when I’m in the PVP menu, I want everything I need to stay in this menu for as long as possible.
If I’m not doing Kingdom stuff, or (Guild / Chests / Troops / Hero / Shop / in battle) stuff, I want to be on this screen.

Otherwise, I think this screen was a huge improvement over the old system. Thank you.


I don’t have any storyline left, and I rarely do challenges (I might, when I need souls) so PVP is really all I can discuss here. And maybe Arena. I’ll do that separate.
OK, so the first PVP battle menu I come to here shows me vs my opponent. I can “Try Again” or "Fight"
Here is where I want to SCOUT.
Once I’ve seen their army, oh my god its hard, maybe I want to try again. Or maybe it’s a breeze, let’s FIGHT.

OK, So I click FIGHT. Here is where I want to choose my army (just like I currently can.)

I recognise space issues adding scout to the first screen, I don’t know how you want to deal with that, but please move the option to that screen.
What I want is not to go in, scout, go out, try again, go in, scout, go out, try again, etc.
I want a nice smooth progression with as few screen changes as possible.


So now I’ve joined the frey. We’re at it; hammer and tong.
I make a match and ka-ching! What was that? An unlocking sound? I earned a key!!!

(keys in battles)
One: The graphic when I make a key is that of an iron key. This plays with my emotions. Please change the graphic to a gold key*

Two: Please give me a chance to win a key better than gold. My suggestion is for every 100 keys I earn in game, make four of them glory keys, and one of them a gem key (on average. As in, use that for percentage chance.)

*(So when you make the graphic of the gold key, also make a gem key and a glory key graphic. Much thanks.)

PVP Score screens
So, two things niggle at me once I’ve won a battle.
One: The order of things shown. I want to see static things last. I know I earned one trophy. Even when I earn two trophies it can be shown last. I know I earned 3 glory. Unless this becomes variable, please make it last.
The things I want to see first are traitstone rewards, gold rewards, souls, keys, maps.
One A: Why do souls, maps and keys have a different format to all the rest of the rewards. Consistency for the win. I know it’s legacy from the old format, but improvements can be made.
Speaking of which:
Two: Please give me a Victory reward sheet much like you have given me with keys.
In a single screen, list all the stuff I earned.

I recognise you’d lose the opportunity to show off that cool artwork that someone diligently designed. Just randomly throw one of them behind my score sheet and I’ll continue to appreciate them in my moment of glory.
You can throw up the traitstone splash screen if I win a traitstone for a while, they’re still novel, but eventually I’ll want the option to turn that off too.

Ok, so I want much things for guilds, but I know you’re working on guilds, so I’ll wait and see what you bring to us.
On top of that, there’s other people much more deserving of their opinion on this than I.
(I reserve the right to add stuff here later)

##Chests and Keys
The game designer in me loves this system.
The menus make sense. It’s logical, it flows. It goes to the right page when I own keys.

The beef I have with keys is… hard to quantify. And trust me, there’s more to it than I write here.
But this much is true.
As a player, I hate gold keys.
I understand the need for them. And don’t get me wrong. I love getting keys.
It’s just that gold keys feel SO worthless.
I know I need a bazillion of everything it gives out, but it just feels a little disappointing after opening them. It’s like there’s no jackpot, and I KNOW there’s no jackpot. In fact, that really might be the crux of the problem.

Also, they cost 300 gold each! Really? I tell you I will NEVER pay that price. I value my gold so much more than that key. I value my kingdom levels, my guild tasks, my combat. In fact, I would value surplus gold more than the cost of these keys.

Glory keys are pretty good.
In my mind they cost just a fraction too much, it’s a heavy and hard decision to buy them. But the reward is there.
Pavlovian’s Dog tells me I want these keys. And I listen to Pavlovian’s Dog.

Gem Keys is where it’s at for me. I bought a 50 pack, and the chemicals of ecstacy went through my brain.

Enough on keys for now, I’ll talk more about them later I think.


  • I would like my hero to have the kingdom attachment of my home kingdom.
  • I know you’re going to overhaul heroes. I wait in eager anticipation.
  • The menus of Hero make me squirm.
    The overview has good information, but it’s not exactly hero information. It’s hero plus guild plus kingdom.
    I understand it had to go somewhere, and you have space here, but … the game designer in me dislikes it.
    Also, the flashing movement of this screen is hard for me.

I would rather the information be static but let me scroll through it at my own pace.

Happy enough with this menu. It is what is suggests, and it pertains to my hero.
Appearance. See armour.
Difficulty. I loathe the location of this. There is nothing in the hero menu that suggests combat difficulty settings will be here. Please move it to the PVP screen.
Give me some stats or something on my hero or gameplay instead.
Collection. Again, not really hero related.

I have an idea: Change this menu to “profile” and make one tab Hero, on that screen let me see my appearance and armour, and then the Collection and the Overview tabs make sense.
So would stats.
And so would a settings tab.
Settings could hold (among other more pertinent things, like an account button) combat difficulty. But still place it in the PVP menu as well.

The collection tab is a nice inclusion for this patch, but I’d like more interactivity from it, if that’s possible.
I’m not sure what; surprise me!

So, speaking of profile, the profile icon in the top left could also open the ‘profile’ (currently hero) menu interface.

Firstly, great job. The only reason I want the following things is because you’ve done a good job with what we currently have. Overall, I am happy with the troops menu. Still, improvements are possible.

I’m happy with the layout. I’m happy with the graphic interface, and the interactive functionality. All good things.
When I click on a troop, it comes up with the crafting menu. (This part is good.)
When I click the crafting button, it comes up with a crafting tab.

There are two things I would like with the crafting interface
One: The ability to scroll through my troop list using a left and right arrow.
I would specifically like these arrows to choose the troops as I filtered them in the troops menu.
So if I filtered by rarity, I would like to scroll through all my troops by that rarity option.
If I chose Adana / yellow, I would like to scroll through only those guys.

This would save me much time.

Two: When I close out of the crafting menu I want to go straight back to the troops page, not the open troop from which I came into the crafting menu. I’m closing the crafting menu, I’ve finished looking at that troop.

Ok, three: Like everyone else I want to click less when ascending.
While I’m on the subject,
Four: I would love to see the cost of hidden traits before I unlock them, if that’s possible.

Ok, so there’s probably plenty of improvements possible with crafting, even though it’s already a great inclusion.
(Thanks for traits. Thanks for crafting option.)

Also in the troops screen, I would like on my phone if I could just scroll up and down the page. If I can’t have that in addition to the scrolling arrows, then I prefer arrows. Both would be nice, though.

Lastly, in the troops screen, I would like to sort troops by which type of traitstone they currently require.
I want to see all the troops that need nature traitstones (whether minor, major, or runic etc).

A special shout out to say I really do appreciate the art, I’d love a way to occasionally scroll through the kingdom artwork, you know that background loading screen we get?

While I’m appreciating things, thanks for changing the help option to say “Show Spell / Mana Details”.

I enjoy logging in, and getting that reward. It’s a warm glowing feeling.
I saw a thread suggesting longer term rewards and that would be awesome also (such as day 30, 10 gems!)
Also, I would love personal quests, such as "today, beat Sheggra and earn her heart"
Ok, a bit much. How about "Beat Sheggra today to earn 1 gem"
And it could be open for any type of troop. harder ones could last until they’re beaten, or maybe quests could be smaller and general.
Or they could be grind related: Earn 30 trophies.
Or they could be reward related: Spend 12,000 gold on this quest to get this one time offer chest.

Guild based quests could be awesome too.
Guild: Spend 100,000 gold this week, and get 200 trophies, a map, and 5 gems.
You know. Cool stuff.

Pretty much the same as everyone else, I’d like to be able to get random traitstones of every type.
I’d like more souls.

Like everyone, I’d like more mini games. I have many ideas for these if you’re interested (Devs). I mean, your game, you probably have ideas to boot. But if you need MORE ideas…

But - seriously
Treasure Map.
I love playing the treasure map. However, I feel the reward output pales so much in comparison to PVP it just isnt worth my time AT ALL.
Even the lure of potential gem keys has worn off.

I had thoughts on this, but they’ve slipped my mind. I’ll come back to it.
I mean, there’s plenty of thoughts about these in the forum anyway.

One last thing.
I would love it if in loading screens, if you go for longer than one catchy phrase, I’d love there to be a chance for the following phrase to say “Not Really”.

It could be like
//warming up the fireballs
//not really

Now the grand finale of discussion.

How much do you want to reward us for grinding?

Because I feel a little underwhelmed at the moment.

Last week, I earned approximately 200 trophies in PVP battle.
I logged in 7 days, one of which earned a weekly reward.
I collected my gold resources maybe 12 times a day
I probably earned an average of 2 tributes on these as a guess. I know elite players earn more, beginners earn less.
My kingdom was attacked probably an average of 7 times per day. I won at least half.

That is about the net sum of my income, ignoring a few guild rewards which I didn’t keep record of.

I want to discuss glory.

200 trophies is 600 glory.
Is it 16 glory per day?
16 x 6 = 96, let’s say 100 glory
100 glory for PVP rank 1

Let’s say 50 defence, 25 victories and 25 defeats.
25 victories is 75 glory
25 defeats is 25 glory.

I would have earned some glory from tributes.
If I got 20 tributes a day, evenly spread across all kingdoms,
urgh. I’ve misplaced my notes, but I’ll say 100 glory for now.

But as a rough guess, that’s about 1000 glory for a week’s playing.
Two reward chests are 400 and 180, I bought one of each
and then 10 glory keys is 200. I could do that twice.

It isn’t much for a week’s worth of grinding. Is it the amount you expect me to earn in a week’s worth of grinding?

I wouldn’t mind except @Sirrian said that glory would be more abundant. And while my income is definitely more abundant, my expenditures are significantly higher. I am spending glory instead of earning iron keys.

I wonder what other people feel, about 1 of each chest ad 20 keys for a week worth of playing.
(200 battles is not 1 - 2 hours a day. Take my word.)


I forgot shop because I am cheap. I’ll give cash one day, when I can afford it.

I mentioned the cost of the glory chests, but here’s an extra thing that irks me.

If the chest contains a “?” item, like a weapon, there is no way I’m buying two of them, ever.
Also, I probably own the thing, so there’s no way I’m buying one of them.
Give me a chance to buy "? items, but give me stuff to buy besides that.
I want to earn tons of stuff, and I want to spend it too.

I want bundles that feel like I’m getting a bargain, not just ‘value’.

I understand that you need to earn money, and making gem stuff a ‘bargain’ achieves that, but don’t hang people like me out to dry just because we can’t give you our own cash.
I’ve directly and indirectly introduced several people who do give you cash. Without my keen-ness for the grind, without my guild moving forward they would likely leave, and that’s real money to you.

Keep my incentive to play, as much as theirs. And one day I’ll give you my cash.


I agree to everything you said :smile:
I have couple more ideas, but working on yours would be more then enough.


Good post
I agree to what you wrote as DonBoba did


I agree to everything you said ;D


I’d like a tally for how often / how many times someone skips me and whether or not they scouted.


Just out of curiosity, how would that information be useful to you?


Wouldn’t that information tell you how interesting/boring/hard your team defense is?


It would tell me if people think my team is not worth fighting. If so, I need to swap it out for one they’ll combat.


That makes sense. Its hard to tell sometimes if you just happen to spend a day not playing much and nobody attacks you for the reason that you’ve not been active enough to show up. So I log on and go ‘where are my 3/3 defense battles’ or something…

But yeah, mainly so we can see how often Goblins are skipped :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had hourly intervals where I’ve been attacked five or six times, but lately I’m lucky to have been attacked twice in four hours.
I figured my rockworm team was being hated a bit much so I swapped out for a serpent / sheggra instead.
But I haven’t really noticed any change.


I would be thrilled to get glory keys as drops from battles. The fact that gold keys can’t unlock ultra-rare or above has been a big problem, as now it’s darn near impossible to get legendary characters through a draw. In 1.0.7 and before at least it was difficult to get legendaries.


Agree to what lummox said, I haven’t got a single legendary since the new patch and I’ve spent 650 gems on keys, + more glory keys then I could count (maybe 800 would be my guess on their number) and still no legendary. I used to be happy when gettiing keys from battle, and when opening there was a little light of hope in me because I might’ve get a legendary. Now I get a key 2 out of 3 battles and I don’t even care since I know they won’t give me a jackpot no matter if I open 1 or 10001 gold keys. .


How odd, I’ve gotten at least 8 legendaries since the update. 3-4 from Gem chests and 4-5 from Glory. 6 of them were brand new ones.

I’ve been loving the chests so far! Must be some RNG at work here, tilting a little too far your way or mine.


I second @Zelfore. I got a couple of Legendaries, including the long-awaited Crimson Bat ánd the Epic Shadow Hunter, of which I have even 2 now.


Ditto. Not sure how many Legendaries exactly but did get the Crimson Bat over the weekend.


It definitely feels like there are less legendaries going around - however, I can point to two explanations for this (and both are probably true). Firstly, we actually need more of the things, so when we continue to not have enough of them it feels like we’re getting less. Secondly, the drop rates have likely been reduced overall to accommodate traitstones.


And half the keys we use can’t roll legendaries… (Or whatever proportion a player is getting gold keys rather than glory or better)


I’ve gotten 4-5 legendary in glory keys since the patch


Lucky you. Havent had a single one in both glory and gem keys and I opened plentiful of them.