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1.08 ruined game too much pay to win for PS4

The new update is a scam and ruined the game. This was suppose to be a console version and not a pay 2 win mobile or facebook cash cow.

Everything was maintainable as a free player and could be competitive being a free player. Now that is an impossibility. Plus all prices for everything has increased… such a scam. Who honestly would pay money on console version when you can buy 1,000’s of better games on playstation store.

Goodbye scammers. No need to troll reply. I wont even be back to forum. Such trash company. Wont support any future products.



Op hit the wall and instead of going around it just hit it and died. I want to know what part of this game is pay to win and how op came to that conclusion.
Everything in this game you get for free with time and effort. That is how it is designed. You could always pay to get stuff in this game but it would never stretch far enough considering that the pay to win part of the game exceeds 800 dollars to get not even a full board of leveled kingdom. No body in this game is a millionaire so no one is a pay to win. Pay to win inplies that you can’t get anything unless you pay for it. Most players hardly open the shop tab in game except when they have enough glory for the rewards tab. You want trait stones, wait for the map update and then farm maps and then through maps trait stones. You either are less than level 100 who saw the shop and thought “everyone is going to abuse these features” or you were a scrub who can’t build a great team to grind with. This game is about playing to acheive victory and collecting all there is in it. No part of the game is locked by money except 1 armour and hardly anyone has it and i doubt strongly that it is on console yet so buckle up buttercup and either keep playing or give up and be like all those other scrubs that scream “pay to win” at the slightest change in the game.


Its kinda funny. I threw a few bucks towards the game when it first came out on mobile (even before boosted armor was a thing), and since the new update, I think its time to do it again (because running the game is far from free for the devs).

The problem that I found is that being a free player gives you everything you need, and now I don’t see anything I could spend money on that would benefit me.

Im probably going to just buy another gem pack or something, but what Ive received in game without dropping a cent beats the heck out of anything available for purchase.


I’ll admit the change has been rough for me, going from probably (guessing, no real math done here) 30% completion of game (troop levels etc.) and thriving, to like 1% (once again no real math done) completion and struggling. trying to relearn the mechanics since teams I would steam roll previously are now destroying anything I throw at them. But really scrubs? That’s just hurtful.

I was in the same boat after 1.09 hit for pc/mobile players. Luckily I have a good friend in my guild that helped me set up viable line-ups that made the game fun for me again. So don’t stress over it too much, it will get better :slight_smile: I could maybe help ya if you want to pm me.

I appreciate the offer, however I already created a topic on my incompetence lol and received some suggestions that I’m going to try for now, but thank you.


Anytime, good luck to ya.

Much better attitude than the OP. Good luck with your efforts. While buying stuff may grease the road a little the main thing you have to spend on this game to remain current is time. That and a good active guild where you can have many like minded people gaining you gems and glory keys.

FYI I have never spent a dime on pc/mobile joined i think around Sept last year and am nearly level 600 and I think 3 cards short of full troop collection. Although if I had it to spare would burn $50 on that shiney blue armor if for no other reason than to not keep having to switch :smiley:


Yeah, I can definitely tell that this is not a pay to win game (400+ gems saved for armor, no money spent). It’s just not as fun for me personally since the update, lets hope these new teams spark a new passion in me.

I think your interest might spark again once you start traiting and ascending your troops.

If you didn’t have any keys saved ahead of time, or you disenchanted a lot of your troops, it’ll be a little slow going. But focus on kingdom leveling and traiting troops that sync well together and you’ll have a lot less trouble down the road.

Good luck!.

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You may be out of your comfort zone. You’ll find your footing. This game rewards those willing to explore team combinations. There will always be a flavor of the month, but Baskin Robbins doesn’t excel on just chocolate. Keep the positive attitude and your “fun” will return I promise.

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I had almost 500 total keys after update. and not many extra troops lying around (I’ve been playing only a couple weeks) but I got on for a few hours today and had trouble putting the controller down. leveled all kingdoms to level 4, one to 7, raised power level of one, and ascended/traited as much as I could, update isn’t as bad as I initially thought. thank you all.

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Yep, I spent my $50 just for not having to switch armors. Still worth it. :smiley: