The new update

you told me awhile back this is not a play to pay game why i enjoyed it now it is becoming pay to play

your taking my option to pay what i want into i have to pay to play and it use to be 19.99 for a subscription for 30 days now for 28 day i might have to quit playing

There are plenty of parts of the game that are free to play. I’ve played several games where you get to a point where you literally cannot keep winning without paying past a certain level. Or that you can only play a few games a day without paying for more ‘energy’. This game has moved from almost entirely free to play and win to “pay to advance quicker”. You do not need to pay anything to play and win at the highest levels of GoW. It is a long slog to get to those levels, but the point is to enjoy the journey. If you are not enjoying it, or your motivation is unlocking absolutely everything, this is probably not the game for you.


The only purchases I’ve made are because I felt like it, with the biggest one being Deathknight armor. Apart from that, I bought one campaign pass just to get my VIP level up and have bought a few offers here and there.

While this game is certainly becoming more saturated with monetized content, it is still by no means pay to play or even pay to win.


it just feels that way with this new shrine

Just ignore it.

Why pay $10 for the chance of a power orb. Imagine only having 1 gem key to go for the next mythic. There’s about your odds…

Gambling the GOW way. :neutral_face:


Who in the world wants to get out their wallet and drop some cash when you have to keep re-starting game because the folks that can fix things flat out refuse to do so. Can’t go from one explore kingdom to another because you are afraid it may freeze up so you can’t chase the 20%. Can’t use scrolls in TOD without the game taking you to start menu. So they are selling random stuff to you but playing certain modes in game leaves a bad experience. Walmart has snow shovels on sale so you can shovel the snow you just got but every time you use it the thing breaks in half but you can buy as many as you want as long as they are in stock. I would not buy a snow shovel that breaks so why on earth would I spend on a shrine to use on a broken game. If I had an accountant he or she would slap me silly!


There is no part of this game that is pay to play. There are, however, many many MANY ways for you to spend money if you so choose. I’m a F2P and the only thing that has tempted me to spend money, other than showing support for a game that I’ve spend way too many hours on, is FOMO. There was a faction event weekend when I was short on a few gems and sigils, but in the end I just played a bunch of treasure maps to make up the difference. And the campaign mythic, two of which I’ve accepted I won’t have for a while, just like any of the dozens of other mythics I still don’t have.

Yes, the game has added features that try to get you to buy virtual products. That’s their goal. While it annoys me, and much of the community, I’ve ignored it. My shrine is filled, there’s a permanent exclamation point there, and in another 30 hours it will empty itself and then be filled again.

Now, I hear you that you’re frustrated with the new monetization (e.g. warbands are not happening unless you’re spending cash or happen to be a new player, who they are designed for), and I’m frustrated too. Like many here in the forum, I would love QoL fixes over new features, even new non-monetized features. Yet calling GoW a pay to play game is ridiculous.

The bigger question is: will this trend force enough people out that it essentially dies, or will more people start/continue spending because FOMO is crippling to some?


$10 gives you 2% chance of an Orb of Power - and it would target a specific Mythic.
1 Gem key gives 0.1% chance of Mythic, and you have increasing odds of hitting a duplicate Mythic, diminishing the 0.1% proposition over time.

Just to clarify, $10 gives you two independent 1% chances, since the chance to get a Power Orb from a Greater Orb of Chaos is 1%. This is not the same as a 2% chance.

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